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What is Costa Rica's nickname?
La Suiza de America
What is Costa Rica's economy and political life like?
It is stable politically, progressive, and democratic. It does not have an army and offers free, obligatory education.
What is Costa Rica's literacy rate?
What is another name for Costa Ricans?
What is the major source of money for Costa Rica?
sugar cane, flowers, coffee, and bananas.
What is the second major source of money for Costa Rica?
How many parks does Costa Rica have?
24, which cover 15% of the country
What is the capital of Costa Rica?
San Jose
What are some places to visit in Costa Rica?
The National Theater,the Jade Museum, The Gold Museum, the National Fun Park, and the Botanical Garden
What country was Panama a colony of? Until when?
Panama was a colony of Colombia until 1903.
What is the largest source of income for Panama?
The Panama Canal
When did the Panama Canal begin?
The Canal began in 1880 with a French company but the U.S. took it over in 1907. It was completed in 1914.
When was the Canal returned to Panama.
What does Panama mean?
The place of many fish
What is the favorite sport in Panama?