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Where is there more individualism?
In the west
Where is there more collectivism?
East and south
What are the four Factors related to individualism and collectivism?
Family Integrity
self-reliance with hedonism
separation from in-groups
define family integrity
children living at home with parents until they get married
define interdependence
live near good friends
define self-reliance with hedonism
most important thing is to make myself happy, leave group if it is slowing me down
define separation from in-groups
what happens to extended family is of little concern to person
By what feature can an in-group best be defined
the common fate of its members
Which is more important in collectivist cultures: individual goals or in-group goals?
in-group goals
How is behavior regulated in collectivist cultures?
by in-group norms
how is behavior regulated in individualist cultures?
by individual likes and dislikes and cost-benefit analysis
Which culture emphasizes hierarchy and vertical relationships over horizontal relationships?
collectivist culture
Which culture is more about harmony and less confrontational
collectivist culture
what does self reliance mean in a collectivist culture?
not being a burden to the in-group
what does self reliance mean in a individualistic culture?
being able to take care of your self
how does affluence affect culture ?
Affluence, financial independence, industrialization, cultural complexity and technological developments create more individualistic culture
What is emphasized when raising children in individualistic cultures?
child's autonomy, self-reliance and independence
What is emphasized when raising children in a collectivist culture?
obedience, duty, and sacrifice for the in-group
how does movement from one country to another or improvement in social status affect culture?
creates more individualism
Which group uses associative communication
Collectivist, they assume others have the same background as they do. doctor to doctor
process of acquiring culture after birth
tight cultures
people behave according to norms, little tolerance for deviation
-deviation is punished
loose culture
more freedom
antecedent of tightness
cultural homgeneity
(japan and greece)
antecedent of looseness
-cultural heterogeneity
-cultural marginality (thailand is between china and india)
this culture
Enjoy predictability certainty and security
get upset if people dont do what they expect
tight culture
this culture allows for creativity
loose culture