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What is an Oligarchy?
A Oligarchy is a form of rule by a few people.
What is Collectivism?
Collectivism is a rule of the community.
What is Totalitarianism?
Totalitariansm is a system where government tries to control every aspect of your life.
What is a pretext?
A pretext is a fake reason to coer up the real reason.
What is Sence Memory?
Sence Memory is a sensory experence that takes you back to your past.
when a smell reminds you
What is Catechism?
Catechism is a list of questions and answers used for teaching, used mainly religiously.
Why do this?
Because this this and this.

Why was that?
Because this this and this.
What is an allusion?
A allusion is when a indirect refrence is given.
That test was my achelies heel.
What does the saying "blood is thicker then water" imply?
It means your loyalty to your family (blood) is stronger then that with your friends (water).
What does "carpe diem" mean/
Carpe Diem means to seize the day.
What dose it mean to "give the devil his due"?
It means to igknowlage the positive traites in someone you dispise.
i hate you but you are a nice kid.
Sanguine. (pos, def)
Adv. Hopeful.
She was sanguine about getting an A on the test because she studied all night for it.
Adj. Dirty; Mortally vile.
They thought he was very sordid for swiming in the pig pen.
v. To get or obtain.
He procured the money from the safe.
Adj. Being or seeming to be without an end; endless.
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King seemed very interminable in that it draged on forever.
Adj. Suave, poliched, defined.
At the party he seemed very urbane with all the ladies.
Clear in mind.
Joe, seeming to know everything about his topic, remained lucid during his presentation to the class.
adj. open to multiple interpratations.
She was equivocal about her poem she read to the class.
Capable of or subject to change or alteration
The weather in Lafayette has been very mutable in that its has been changin from day to day.
Adj. Showing off unimportant knowlage.
During class the teacher was being pedantic talking about how he figured out pie.
Adj. To stick out.
When he broke his arm one of his bones was protuberant from his skin.
N. an atack on that which is sacrid.
The heritic confronted the pope and told him religion is a joke.