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what is Gratinee
cooked or served with browned bread crumbs or melted grated chesse on top
what is Flambe
served flaming - accomplished by pouring spirits over food and igniting
what is sear
to cook surfaces at high temps briefly - to brown and then reduce heat to finish
what is poach
to cook in liquid that is simmering - just below boiling
a la Bordelaise is...
of Bordeaux in style, tradition...
a la Bourguignon is...
od Burgundy style, tradition...
what is Brandade
milk and olive oilbeat into poached salt cod - 'le brandade de morve'
what is Bacalao
'stockfish', portugese dish - salt dryed fish
Brunoise is...
fine dice - mix of carrot, celery and onion
classic consume garnish
Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga - in order of size and of quailty
Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga Caviar - sturgeon
biggest and best - to smaller and cheaper
Cepes are...
French wild mushroom - porcini in Italy
what is Ceviche
raw fish marinated in citrus juice with olive oil and spices - similar effect as cooking
what is Chantilly
sweet vanilla flavored whipped cream used it pastry for taste and decoration
what is Chiffonade
leafy greens rolled tight and cut thinly accross with sharp knife - ie Basil Chiffonade
what is choux pastry
light pastry dough used to make proffiteroles etc...(butter, flour, eggs, h2o - cooked)
define Confit
meat cooked, covered and preserved in own fat
Cantucci is...
Tuscan Almond Biscotti
define Consomme
Clear soup - 'finished soup' not just clear stock or broth
define Court Bouillon
flavored liquid used to cook eggs, veggies or seafood (with salt, acid, spice, aromatics)
what is Croquette
compound of veggie, meat or fish coated with bread crumbs and deep fried to crunchy and golden
define Deglaze
liquid added to a container (stock, wine, cream...) after browning food to desolve the residue
what is Dashi
Japenese soup stock made by simmering Bonitoand Kombu (giant kelp) - delicate flavor
what is Daube
food cooked in a pot or Terrine with aromatics and wine or vinegar for flavor - eaten dry and or cold (with sauce - en compote)
Demi Glace is
Traditional Brown Sauce with equal parts beef/veal stock and espagnole - reduced by half
Duchesse is
puree potatoes, egg yolk, hot moo - piped and or brownedas garnish or accompanyment
Duxelles are
a mix of chopped mushroom sauted in butterwith onions or shallots and used as a garnish
define Emulsify
to blend two liquids - where one forms tiny droplets which are evenly dispersed in the other
what is Entrecote
a premiun cut of beef used for steaksand roasts- traditionaly from rib area
what is Escalope
a cut of protien with a flat shape/ thin sliced - usually tender and requires only a few seconds od saute on each side
Fines Herbs is
a mix of chopped fresh herbs for cooking - parsley with chervil, tarragon, chives and more for meat, fish and seafood
what is Florentine
original - pie/tart with meat and or fruit
now - (since 16th century) dishes with spinach
define Forcemeat
mix of ground raw or cooked food mixed with bread crunbs and season into a paste - can also be a stuffing
what is Frangipani
cream flavored with almonds used for cake preperation - now can be a tart&/lette with almond cream filling
Fricassee is
original - any meat fied in a pan (17th century meat boiled with broth) now - chicken or veal in cream sauce
Galantine is
original - dark colored sauce with vinegar, breadcrumbs,cinnamon and spices now - white meat boned, cooked, pressed and served with cold aspic
Haddock is
Cod family fish from the North Atlantic, important commercially
Hollandaise is
a mother sauce thickened by egg yolk - emulsification (butter, egg yolks and seasoning
what is Infusion
a methode of preparing herbs in H2O / Oil - strained to create herb flavored Oil/H2O
Jardiniere is
'main course' - mostly new spring veggies flavored with bacon/salt pork
baby artichokes,celery, heart of fennel...
Julienne is
to cut food into match size pieces
Lemon Sole is
left handed flat fish of the Sole family (not an American winter flounder)
a la Lyonaise...
in the way of Lyons - prepared with onion and tomatoes
Maitre d'Hotel Butter is
a common compound butter flavored with lemon and chopped parsley for grilled fish or meat - with garlic it is escargot butter
to Macerate is
to soften by steeping in liquid (hot/cold) ie. fruit in spirits
define Marinate
methode of letting food soak in liquid prior to cooking
Meuniere is
cooking fish by coating in seasoned flour and frying in butter
define Maraschino
bitter sweet clear liquor flavored with marasaka cherries grown in North Italy with an almond like flavor
what is a Medallion
a small round cut of meat - usually pork, veal or beef
define Mille Feuille
items made from several layers of Puff Pastry ie. danish like sweets (729 layers in one so... 1500 - 3700)
Mirepoix is
mixture of ham?....carrots, onions and herbs used as an aromatic condiment when making sauce/braised meat
a la mode is
in dessert - deserved with ice cream
in mains - with braised veg and served with gravey
define Mornay
a white sauce flavored with grated cheese and season to coat fish, eggs and veg
Mousseline is
hollandaise with whipped cream / a whipped potaoto term to accompany turbot and asparagus
define Navarin
stew of lamb/mutton with veg and seasoning
what is a Napoleon
dessert of layers of puff pastry and pastry cream - iced or dusted in individual sizes
a la Nicoise means
dishes with black olives, tomatoes, garlic, anchovies and dried cherries (candied sugar and browned almonds)
define En Papillote
food in parchment/foilwrap
Paupiettes are
a thin slice of meat/fish wrapped around forcemeat/veg filling
what is a Partridge
a gamebird of Europe and Central Asia
what is a Periwinkle
an edible mollusc living in a small single shell in the North Atlantic
what is a Persimmon
a fruit (yellow pink to orange red) cherry to plum in size - good for preserves ie.fruitcake
Petite Four is
little bisciuts and cakes ie. macaroons
what is Phyllo
Greek Pastry of tissue thin layers of dough used for spanikopita etc...
define Pizzelles
thin decorated patterned Italian wafer cookies made with a iron like waffles - can be an ice cream cone
Planking is
cooking fish on a small wooden plank on a fire or grill etc...a good plank improves with use
Pot-au-Feu is
meat slow braised with veg in H2O and season (boquetgarni) potatoes cooked seperate
define Profiteroles
miniature pastry made with choux and filled with cream
what are Pulses
edible seeds of any legume ie. beans, peas, lentils etc... fresh/dryed
a la Provencal...
of Provencal style and tradition - food served with garlic and tomatoe
a Puree is a what
to process mixed ingredients into a smooth sauce or paste
Quahog is
a popular North American Clam (hard shelled) eaten raw/inchowder/stuffed etc...size dependant
what is a Quail
the smallest European Game Bird (in the partridge family - like Danny Bonaducci)
define Quenelles
(the 2 spoon shape) small dumpling like items of fish/meat with bread and seasoning - poached
what is Quiche
a tart with filling of egg and cream and assorted extras
what is Quinoa
principal grain crop of the Andes pre America - non typical cereal with moo ingredients
what is Raclette
cheese and a Swiss dish made from it - melted like fondue served with potatoes and gerkins (cow moo)
define Ragout
a stew of meat and veg flavored at the end of braise
what is a Ramekin
small porcellin/pottery round and straight sided for the likes of custard
define Reduce
to thicken/concentrate a liquid by boiling rapidly - H2O evaporates and flavor is concentated
define Remoulade
mayonnaise like dressing with mustard
define Rillettes
charcuterie commonly pork/duck/rabbit etc...cooked, deboned, pulled and fatted up
what is a Roux
a thickening agent for basic sauces - butter and flour in equal parts cooked to varying degrees
define Sabayon
an Italian dessert of egg yolk, sugar, wine whipped over a bain marie to a custard
what is Sacher Torte
an Austrian festive cake - chocolate sponge with apricot glaze and iced with bitter sweet chocolate
define Sanglier
wild boar
define Savarin
dessert - yeast dough in a ring mould soaked in Kirsch with fruit and or cream
what is Soubise
a creamy onion puree with rice and or cream with bechamel/voleute
define Saute
to fry in shallow fat whilst tossing
Scampi is
shrimp/tail portion of lobsterettes - the dish is done with garlic butter
what is Shad
a fish in the herring family - lives in sea and spawns in rivers
Spiny Lobster is
crustacean - lobster with out claws that live in warm H2O
define Squab
young commercially raised pigeons
what are Sweetbreads
thymus gland and pancreas of a young animal ie. calf or lamb
define Table d'hote
menu with appy and choice of several mains and dessert (set menu with a set price)
what is Tagliatelle
pasta in the form of narrow ribbons (ie.fetticini)
define Taro
a tropical root crop - used in poi
Tart Tatin is
upside down french apple tart
what is Tangelo
cross of a tangerine and a pommelo
define Terrine
an oven proof dish with a close fitting lid / dish that is cooked in it - can be layered with aspic
what is Tempura
fish/veg fried in a lite batter in moderate size pieces ...japanese
what is a Tournedo
lean filet of beef cut from the tenderloin - barded for grilling classically served on a fried bread round with mushroom sauce
define Trifle
traditional English sweet - sponge cake soaked with cream and fruit
what is Tuile
thin crisp sweet buscuit - made of cream, egg whites and almonds
Veloute is
a mother sauce with stock added to roux
define Venison
meat of deer
what is a Vinaigrette
french dressing - for salad...oil and vinegar base
define Vermouth
fortified white wine flavored with herbs and spices - dry/sweet
what is Wild Rice
cereal grown in H2O mostly back home - Sask,MB - with seed coat remaining on
what is a Wild Boar
wild swine with narrow body - best marinated in venison type receipes
Xiami Huanggua
cucumbers in shrimp sauce
what is a Yam
a tuber - like tropical root crops such as sweet potatoes
caudle type dish - egg yolks, marsala, sugar - beat to thicken (can be frozen with cream)
define Ziti
long thin tubes of pasta (like penne)
define Zweilback
sweetened bread that has been baked twice (good for teething kids)