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How long are the group rate marks
3 inches
colors of group marks on whites?
Seaman-Navy blue
constructionman-light blue
Hospitalman-Navy Blue
What are the sizes of the male and female chevrons mon the rating badge?
Male 3 1/4
Female 2 1/2
Describe the sleeve insignia of admiral?
2 inch stripe
5 stars represent
fleet admiral
Line and staff corps device description MEDICAL CORPS
Gold oak leaf with acorn, stem down
Describe the sleeve insignia of LT.
Two half stripes
Sleeve Insignia what are the widths of the gold stripes?
Hint there are three sizes.
2 inch
1/2 inch
1/4 inch
Service stripes are how long for men and women width?
Men 7 3/8
women 5 1/4
width 3/8
Enlisted women, e-6 and below, are authorized to wear ball type earrings of what size and color?
6 mm silver
Describe the sleeve insignia of LT. junior grade?
one 1/2 stripe with one 1/4 stripe above it
silver eagle represents?
describe the sleeve insignia of LT. Commander
Two 1/2 stripes with one 1/4 stripe in between.
The neckerchief is made of what material?
black silk
Describe the sleeve insignia of warrant officer w-4
One 1/2 stripewith one break.