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?Cuál de los dos te gusta más?
Which of the two pleases you more? (choice)
?Cuál es tu nu'mero de tele'fono?
What is your telephone number? (idiom)
?Qué tipo de pastel pediste?
What type of cake did you order? (info request)
?Qué es una quinceañera?
What is a 15th birthday celebration? (info request)
?Qué haces ahora?
What are you doing now? (fact)
?Cuáles son tus platos favoritos?
What are your favorite dishes? (choice)
?Qué bebidas te gustan más?
What drinks are more pleasing to you? (noun follows)
?Qué es esto?
What is this? (fact)
?Cuál es el mejor?
Which is best? (choice)
?Qué fiestas celebras tú?
Which holidays do you celebrate? (noun follows)
?Qué botella de vino prefieres?
Which bottle of wine do you prefer? (noun follows)
?Cuál es tu helado favorito?
Which is your favorite ice cream? (choice)
?Qué pones en la mesa?
What did you put on the table? (fact)
?Qué restaurante prefieres?
Which restaurant do you prefer? (noun follows)
?Qué estudiantes estudian más?
Which students study more? (noun follows)
?Qué quieres comer esta noche?
What do you want to eat tonight? (no choice)
?Qué es la sorpresa mañana?
What is the surprise for tomorrow? (info request)
?Qué postre prefieres?
What dessert do you prefer? (noun follows)
?Cuál es la fecha?
What is the date? (idiom)
?Qué hora es?
What time is it? (idiom)
?Cuáles son tus lugares favoritos en esta ciudad?
Which are your favorite places in this city? (choice)
?Cuál de tus hermanos está trabajando en Chile?
Which (one) of your brothers is working in Chile? (choice)
?Qué pasa?
What’s wrong? (info request)
?Cuál de los carros prefieres?
Which (one) of the cars do you prefer? (choice)
?Qué es geología?
What is geology? (info request)
?Qué representa FNPL?
What does FNPL represent? (info request)
?Cuál de los chicos te gusta?
Which of the boys pleases you? (choice)
?Qué es eso?
What is that? (info request)
?Qué está haciendo?
What are you doing? (info request)
?Cuál de tus clases es la más dificil?
Which of your classes is the most difficult? (choice)
?Cuál es tu clase favorita?
Which is your favorite class? (choice)
?Qué tienes en la maleta?
What do you have in your suitcase? (info request)
?Qué recibiste para tu cumpleaños?
What did you receive for your birthday? (info request)
?Cuál es el mejor equipo de fútbol americano?
Which is the best football team in america? (choice)
?En que cuidad prefieres vivir?
In which city do you prefer to live? (noun follows)
?Cuál es la cuidad más grande del mundo?
Which is the biggest city in the world? (choice)
?Qué significa “empaste” en inglés?
What is the meaning of “empaste” in English? (info request)
?Cuáles son los mejores restaurantes?
Which ones are the best restaurants? (choice)
?Qué vino quieres?
What wine do you want? (noun follows)
?Qué cerveza tomas?
What beer do you drink? (noun follows)
?Cuál es las clase más fácil de la universidad?
Which is the easiest class at the university? (choice)
?En qué parte de España está la Costa del Sol?
(In) what part of Spain is the Costa del Sol? (noun follows)