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what is the term used for the hydrophilic/hydrophobic dynamic of phospholipids?
what is the name for a sphere composed of lipid bilayer?
what is the name for the most common type of component bound to the hydrophilic end of membranes?
what kind of molecules can pass easily through the lipid membrane?
hydrophobic molecules, and small uncharged or polar molecules.
do double bonds in phospholipids make for a more or less fluid membrane?
more fluid
what is the name for the family of enzymes that help to account for the membrane disequilibrium that results when new lipids add only to the intracellular end of the plasma membrane?
proteins and glycolipids which are added to the inside surface of vesicles coming from the SER or Golgi end up on which end of the plasma membrane?
what are the 4 possible uses of membrane proteins?
1) transporters
2) anchors
3) receptors
4) enzymes
to what do anchor membrane proteins bind?
to cytoskeletal elements or intercellular matrix components
what is the name for proteins which cross the plasma membrane?
transmembrane proteins
what structure do transmembrane proteins normally assume?
alpha helix (hydrophobic residues at exterior to contact inside plasma membrane)
when a protein pore is filled with water and allows hydrophilic molecules to cross, this is called what?
a channel
if a channel changes its configuration depending on its electrical or chemical environment, it is called what?
a gated channel
membrane-associated proteins usually have which two functions.
enzyme functions or anchoring functions
true or false: membrane associated proteins are always associated with transmembrane proteins
false. they are often linked to other larger molecules such as lipids in addition to other proteins
what is the name for proteins with a short sugar chain attached?
what is the name for proteins with very long polysaccharide chains attached?
glycoproteins perform what important functions?
protection (slimy texture - difficult to bind and connect) and recognition
are proteins allowed to move throughout the entire fluid plasma membrane?
no, the proteins are often restricted to certain areas by binding to intra- or extracellular structural elements or by certain barriers that exist in the membrane.
what is another term for the plasma membrane?
which type of double bonds, cis or trans, normally occurs in phospholipids?
what is the term coined for a group of membrane proteins that are close in proximity?