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a full-width headline that spans across multiple newsletter-style columns, such as the title for a newsletter or report
prepared pictures and other artwork you can insert into a document
Clip Art
to trim a graphic
the process of using a computer to combine text and graphics to create and attractive document
Desktop Publishing
an area upon which you can draw, arrange, and resize multiple shapes
Drawing Canvas
artwork that you create using drawing tools
Drawing Objects
items other that textm including photosm clip art, and drawing objects
a manual column break
Hard Column Break
small squares or circles surrounding a graphic or object, indicating that it is selected
Sizing Handles
set of formatting characteristics that you can apply to text, tables, and lists in your document
a file that contains formatting and text that you can customize to create a new document similar to, but slightly different from, the original
boxes that contain tezt and can be resized and positioned like other drawing objects
Text Boxes
a consistent design with elements such as fonts, graphics, colors, and backgrounds
miniature pictures of clip art and photos