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Change GIS CC
*double bubble
*no bubble
Move Document
*students in wrong teacher group
*GIS didn't scan
*cart set up wrong
Merge Document
*student tested in more than one book and the system doesn't merge for you
Unmerge Document
*documents merged incorrectly
Insert Document
*Large Print
*Damaged (document would not scan)
Delete Document
*Document Scanned Twice
Teacher Scanned not on SGL
difference in key entered and scanned information
Teacher Scanned not on SGL (SPECIFIC REASONS)
*difference in teacher name
*CC Discrepency
*teacher group keyed into wrong school
*grade discrepency
*group not key entered
*special pops
Name all Red Error Flags
1.Name Field
2.Document Error
3.Bad Image
5.Security Barcode
7.Test Field
9.Duplicate Students
Reasons for Name Field
1.not bubbled
2.less than 2 characters
3.double bubbled
Reasons for Document Error Flag...
1.grade of document different from grade on GIS (flag on actual document) not completely scanned *flag on previous document)
Reasons for Barcode Error Flag....
1.barcode not read at scan time
2.doodles/writing in barcode area
3.wrong label used (retain/customer made)
4.Out of Range (dist/sch # of barcode differs from GIS)
5.Not in master file
Reasons for Security Barcode Error Flag....
1.barcode not read at scan time
2.doodles/writing in barcode area
3.manufacture defect
Reasons for Litho Error Flag
Out of Range
Reasons for Test Field Error Flag
BIO/MC not scanned
Reasons for Form/Level Error Flag
logic/rules behind the scenes can't be met, resulting in the document not being scored
Reasons for Duplicate Student Error Flag...
1.duplicate documents in a group
2.documents for duplicate groups