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Expression based targetting?
aka explicit targetting.
Requires Profiles.
Prediction targetting?
aka implicit targetting
TCP and UDP 135?
Used by SQL Clients
TCP 1433
SQLServer listener port
TCP and UDP 53
Used by DNS
Ports 5100-5200?
Used by MSDTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator)
Discuss requirements of DirectMail feature?
Direct Mail Service and Direct Mail DB must be installed on the same server.
SQLServer Agent must be installed on the same server as the direct mail service.
Can use any SMTP service.
What is one service are Product Catalogs dependant on?
Microsoft Search must be running in order for Product Catalogs to work.
What are the 3 pricing options of custom catalogs?
Set Price
Percentage Adjustment
Fixed Adjustment
When and why would one unload the business desk application?
When you want to make sure that any configuration changes that you made are available to business managers.
When would you use Reference Tables?
When you want to use page groups. Then you need to ad enable the pages with the appropriate page group identifier.
Industry codes?
Used within Reference Manager to ensure that ads from competing advertisers are displayed on the same page.
Organizations Module?
Defines business units, divisions, departments, and external trading partners. Then you define the catalog to which the org should have access.
Site Terms Editor?
Used to define properties that can be added to profile definitions. When adding a property, define its site as a site term. When defining site terms you also define a list of values for the term.
How do you create redundancy in a Commerce Server implementation?
Must separate the business tier and the db tier. This will require a minimum of 4 servers if you are not using AD. If using AD, then it requires 6 servers minimum.
Network Load Balancing is included in what software?
Win2k3 Advanced
Win2k DataCenter Server
Win2k Application Center Server
Discuss log file formats?
W3C Extended Log File Format - can record cookie values, low overhead.
NCSA Log File Format - does not record cookie values.
In data warehouse, how do you count and as the same page?
Set the default files property.
What is the EXCLUDES PROPERTY for in the data warehouse?
I keeps certain data out of the database.
How do business managers clear the business desk cache?
They use bdrefresh.exe to clear the business desk cache.
What 8 utilities come with the built in Commerce Server Manager?
1) Commerce Server Manager
2) Event Viewer
3) IIS
4) SQLServer Manager
5) AD users and computers
6) Performance Logs and Alerts
7) Analysis Servers (which use SQL Analysis Manager)
8) System Monitor
Where is access to the SiteConfig and the GlobalConfig file controlled?
In the registry editor.
What would you use Computer Management to control with respect to Commerce Server?
To control services such as directmailer or sqlserver agent.
What is the providor for OLEDB-ANSI?
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQLServer
How many discounts can you apply to a quantity or value?