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What is the mission of Medical BN?
Provides direct and general medical support to the MEF.
How many companies does Medical BN have?
3rd has 3
1st and 2nd has 4
What are the companies w/n medical BN?
Surgical Company X's 3 (2 3rd MED)
How many tasks does MED BN have?
What are the tasks of medical BN?
Provides 2nd echleon medical care including initial resucitative care/surgery and temp hospitilization to the MEF
Provide Medical Regualtion Serivces to the MEF
Provide Preventive Medicine support to the MEF
Assist in the collection and dissemination of Medical Intel
Provide the medical elements for casualty decontamination and treatment stations
Provide Medical support in the management of Mass Casualties and combat stress.
What are the 4 task of H&S Company?
Provide adminstrative organic supply, light motor T and maintenance support to the BN
Provide limited medical evaucuation to the BN
Provide medical data coordination for the BN
Provide medical dept personnel to the HQ element of CSSDs
How many PLTs does the surgical company consists of?
HQ platoon
Triage and Evac PLT
Ancillary Service PLT (twp labs;two pharmacy;two xray sections)
Combat Stress PLT
Surgical PLT (consists of three surgical sections; each supporting one 24 Operations)
Holding PLT (contains three ward section; each contains 20 med/surg beds
What are the six tasks of the Surgical Company?
Establish Medical Tx Facilities for Resus. surgery, medical tx, and temp hospitalization
Be prepared to recieve casualtties for forward
Establish Medical Tx Facilities for Resus. surgery, medical tx, and temp holding for casualties of supported forces.
Evacuation of casualties whose medical requirements exceed theater evauation policy
Provide and coordinate evacuation for landing force
Provide medical support to other services and nations
What is the STP
Provides direct medical support to the MEF including collection, clearing and evacuation.
Smallest mobile medical support element; supports BAS
Consist of stablization section and collection and evacuation section (C and E section has two ambulances)
What are the tasks of the STP
Establish and operate clearing sections
Establish MTF for resuscitative tx and temp holding
Provide and coordinate medical evacuation
Provide medical support to other services and nations