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What is the mission of ESB?
provides general engineering support of and expenditionary nature to tne MEF including survivability,countermobility,and mobility enchancements, EOD, and general supply support for bulk class I (water) and bulk class III and III(A)
How many companies are there in ESB?
What are the companies of ESB?
Engineer Support
Bridge Company
Bulk Fuel
Engineer Company X's 3
How many tasks does ESB have?
What are the tasks of ESB?
Conduct Engineering reconnaissance
Construct improve and maintatin airfields
Construct improve and maintatin encampments
Conduct Mobility Enhancements
Provide bulk III and III(A) fuel support
Provide utilities support
Provide water purification and bulk class I (water) storage
Provide survivability enhancements
Install and/or supervise other units in installation of fixed-panel and floating bridging
Provide bath and laundry services
Provide EOD support
Construct field-expedient deception devices
Conduct countermobility operations
Provide specialized demolition