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What is the general geography of Burgundy from north to south?
Cote d'Or (Nuits, Beaune)
Cote Chalonnaise
Coteaux du Lyonnais
What varietals are permitted in Burgundy?
Pinot Noir
Gamay Noir
What is carbonic maceration?
Fermentation technique where the primary fermentation happens inside the grape. Popular in Beaujolais and results in a fruity wine with low tannins.
What are common viticulture techniques for Burgundy?
High vine density
Low training
Gyuot in Cote d'Or (Cane)
Gobelet in Beaujolas (Spur)
Best vineyards are hand harvested
Vineyards face E or SE for max sunlight
Clones are important
What are common vinification techniques for Burgundy?
Single varietal wines
Reds get pigeage, aging in new and old oak, battonage, wild yeasts
Chaptalization is regular
What was the Catholic Church's influence in Burgundy?
Benedictine monks came in the 900s and took extensive notes on winemaking.
Cistercians arrived in 1100s and created first walled vineyard (Clos de Vougeot 1336)
What was the effect of the French Revolution on Burgundy winemaking?
Vineyards were confiscated from the church and sold off.
Napoleonic Law of Succession
Negociants rise in power
Who is Dr. Jules Lavalle?
He published the Histoire et Statistique de la Vigne de Grands Vins de la Cote-d'Or, the first unofficial classification of the Cote d'Or's vineyards
What is the climate of Burgundy and what climatic issues does it present?
Frost, rain at harvest, hail
Generally describe the soils of Burgundy.
Varies between the five sub-regions.
Northern: Chalk and Clay/Marl
Southern: Granite
What is marl?
A calcium carbonate or lime-rich mud
What percentage of Grand and 1er Crus are Domaine?
Grand 90%
1er 75%
What is the AOP pyramid for Burgundy, including percentages?
Regional Appellations 56%
Village 30% (Village name only)
1er Cru 12%
Grand Cru 2% (Vineyard only)
What is a 1er Cru Burgundy?
Single vineyard within a village
Recognizable character and consistent high quality
What is a Grand Cru Burgundy?
Single vineyard with recognizable characteristics
Top quality site
Overview of Chablis
AOP for Chardonnay only
Kimmeridgian clay/limestone (younger, better soil for Chard)
Portlandian Limestone/Sandstone
Susceptible to late frosts
All Grand Cru sites have SW exposure
What are the Chablis AOPs?
Petit Chablis
Chablis 1er Cru
Chablis Grand Cru
What is the minimum alcohol in Chablis?
9.5% for Petit Chablis to 11% for Grand Cru
What is the wine style of Chablis?
High acid
Intense minerality
Some use new or neutral oak
What is the Cote d'Or?
Highest quality area for Burgundy
2 regions, Cotes de Nuits and Cotes de Beaune
All red Grand Crus are in Nuits (except Corton in Beaune)
All white Grand Crus are in Beaune (except Musigny Blanc in Nuits)
Less than 25% of Burgundy's acreage
What are the soils in the Cote d'Or?
Limestone dominated soils
Marl dominated soils
Where are the vineyards located in the Cote d'Or?
On east facing slopes
Where are the vineyards located in Chablis?
On south facing slopes
What is the ratio of red/white production in Burgundy?
Vinification techniques for Red Burgundy?
Matured in barrels for up to 18 months (new oak % varies greatly)
De-stemming, cold soaking, fermentation temp permitted
Fining and filtering vary
Vinification techniques for White Burgundy?
Barrel fermented and aged in oak casks for one year
Sur Lie and MLF (sometimes partial)
Less battonage for age-worthy wines
Geographical boundaries for the Cote d'Nuits?
Dijon in the north to Corgoloin in the south
AOPs of Cote d'Nuits?
Gevrey-Chambertin (8 GC)
Morey-St-Denis (5 GC)
Chambolle-Musigny (2 GC)
Vougeot (1 GC)
Flagey-Echezaux (2 GC)
Vosne-Romanee (6 GC)
Nuits St. Georges (1er Cru only)
Hautes Cotes de Nuits
Cote de Nuits Villages
Grand Crus of Gevrey-Chambertin?
Chambertin-Clos de Beze
Mazoyeres Chambertin
Grand Crus of Morey-St-Denis?
Clos St-Denis
Clos de la Roche
Clos de Tart (monopole of Mommessin)
Bonnes Mares (div between Morey-St-Denis and Chambolle-Musigny)
Grand Crus of Chambolle-Musigny?
Bonnes Mares
Grand Crus of Vougeot?
Clos de Vougeot
Grand Crus of Flagey-Echezaux?
Grand Crus of Vosne-Romanee?
La Tache (monopole of DRC)
Romanee-Conti (monopole of DRC)
La Romanee (monopole of Liger-Belair)
La Grande Rue (monopole of Francois Lamarche)
How much of Burgundy's production is in the Cotes de Nuits?
What is the only white Grand Cru in the Cote d'Nuits?
Musigny Grand Cru (from Comte Georges de Vogue)
What are the two other communal appellations in the Yonne departement?
Irancy AOP - light reds from PN, Cesar and Pinot Gris
St-Bris AOP - elevated from VDQS in 2003, whites from Sav Blanc and Sav Gris
What 1er cru often outperforms second-tier grand crus in the Cote d'Nuits?
Clos St-Jacques
Describe the typical wines of Gevrey?
Masculine, brooding and well structured. Lots of concentration and weight with black fruits and deeper color than Vosne-Romanee and Chambolle-Musigny.
Describe the typical wines of Chambolle-Musigny?
Silky charm, elegance over power, delicate but with intensity
What are the issues with Clos de Vougeot?
Large size and number of growers
Soil and slope change significantly
Unofficially divided into smaller climats
Describe the wines of Nuits-St-Georges?
Sturdy, long lived
Hard and angular in youth
North near Vosne-Romanee softer and fruiter
South near Premeaux are fuller and richer
General characteristics of the Cote d'Beaune?
More red than white, bu the white is better known
Twice the area of the Cote d'Nuits
Wide range of climates
Cote d'Beaune AOPs?
Aloxe-Corton (Red GC - Corton, White GC - Corton Charlemagne)
Beaune (1er Only)
Pommard (1er Only, Red Only)
Volnay (1er Only, Red Only)
Mersault (1er Only, Fat and Buttery Whites)
Puligny-Montrachet (4 GC)
Chassagne-Montrachet (3 GC)
The hill of Corton contains what three villages?
What are the Grand Crus of the hill of Corton?
Corton (red)
Corton-Charlemagne (white)
Charlemagne (white)
What are the Grand Crus of Puligny-Montrachet?
Montrachet (shared bet Puligny and Chassagne)
Batard-Montrachet (shared bet Puligny and Chassagne)
What are the Grand Crus of Chassagne-Montrachet?
Montrachet (shared bet Puligny and Chassagne)
Batard-Montrachet (shared bet Puligny and Chassagne)
Describe the city of Beaune?
Commercial capital of the region and center of negociant activity. No grand crus but 42 1er crus.
Describe the reds of Pommard?
Hard edged and tannnic pinot noirs
Describe the reds of Volnay?
Soter pinot noirs with fragrance and charm
Describe the reds of the Cote d'Beaune?
Just as long-lived as the reds from the Nuits but often lighter and show less oak influence.
Describes the whites of Meursault?
No grand crus, but well regarded for rich concentration and texture.
Often spend longer in cask
What is the significance of Montrachet?
Worlds most age-worthy chard
Tend to be balanced and achieves more depth and complexity
What is another name for the Cote Chalonnaise?
Region de Mercurey
What are the AOP villages of the Cote Chalonnaise?
Describe the terroir of the Cote Chalonnaise?
Non-contiguous vineyards occupying a series of scattered slopes
Limestone soils
Cooler, windier climate makes for a longer growing season but challenges at harvest
How does vinification differ in the Cote Chalonnaise?
Practically identical to the Cote d'Or, but lacks money for new barrels
What types of wines permitted by Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise AOP?
In the Cote Chalonnaise, which Villages can have reds and which can have whites?
Bouzeron - White (Algote)
Rully - Both
Givry - Both
Mercurey - Both (2/3 of Chalonnaise output)
Montagny - White
What is the only village-level AOP in Burgundy for Aligote? What other significance does it have?
Bouzeron in the Cote Chalonnaise
Only commune in Cote Chalonnaise that does not allow 1er Cru
What are the AOPs of the Maconnais?
Macon (blanc and rouge)
What wines are permitted in the Beaujolais AOP?
Describe the topography of Beaujolais?
North is hilly with granite (fuller bodied)
South is flatter with more clay
What are the 10 crus of Beaujolais?
Cote de Brouilly
Describe the difference between Cru Beaujolais and Beaujolais Nouveau?
Less carbonic maceration
Some oak aging
What is Coteaux du Lyonnais AOP?
Hour south of Beaujolais
Reds and rose from Gamay
Whites from Chard, Aligote and Pinot Blanc
What is metayage?
What is fermage?
Leasing arrangements in Burgundy