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supports the tube and connects it to the base
the bottom of the microscope; used for support
a steady light source (110 volts) used in place of a mirror
the flat platform where you place your slides; stage clips hold the slides in place; if mechanical, you will be able to move the slide by turning knobs
Revolving Nosepiece or Turret
the part that holds two or more objective lenses and can be rotated to easily change power
Objective Lenses
4X, 10X, and 400X power lenses that can be combined with the eyepiece for a greater magnificatin; shortest lens=lowest power and longest lens= hightest power
Rack Stop
adjustment that determines how close the objective lens can get to the slide
Condenser Lens
focuses the light onto the specimen; most useful at the highest power; provides a sharper image but with one less focus item to work with
Diaphragm or Iris
rotating disk under the stage with different sized holes used to var the intensity and size of the cone of light that is projected upward at the slide
Hair Cuticle
outer layer of the hair shaft; composed of dead, keratin-filled cells that form scales on the surface of the hair; protects the hair from damage unless dyed or bleached
Hair Cortex
lies just inside the cuticle; hair pigment is scattered throughout
Hair Root
part of the hair beneath the dermis; where hair pigment originates
Hair Follicle
nourished by blood vessels; attached to the sebaceous glands
Debaceous Glands
secrete oil for the hair and skin
Hair Shaft
the exposed part of the hair above the dermis