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What are six steps to program development?
analysis, design, code, test, maintenance, and documentation
What is analysis?
define problem, identify what needs to be input and output and the steps to make that happen
What is design?
figure out how to do the processing steps, go step by step (ex. flow chart)
What is code?
actually writing the program instructions, if the design phase was done well the code phase is easy
What is the testing phase of program development?
testing the program to make sure it works and actually solves the problem it was designed for
What is the maintenance part of programming?
fix glithes that may pop up, add enhancements
What is the documentation phase of programming?
helps you and others know what you did and why
What is top-down development?
broken down into detailed steps, also known as Divide and Conquer
What is modular design?
group tasks that do the same things
What is an algorithms?
list of steps involved to perform a task (input, output, and processing)
How are algorithms like a recipe?
input lists ingredients, output tells what you are making, processing is the step by step instructions
What is pseudo code?
list of steps to perform in enlish
What is algorithm processing "selection?"
what is needed
What is algorithm processing "repetition?"
doing something over and over til done