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an electronic devic, operating under the control of instructions stored on in its own memory, that can accept data, process that data according to specified rules, produce results, and store the results for future use.
A collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio, and video.
Data that conveys meaning and is useful to people
Information processing cycle
The series of input, process, output, and storage activities.
The steps that tell the computer how to preform a particular task.
The electric, electronic, and mechanical components of a computer.
Input Device
Any hardware component that allows you to enter data and instructions into a computer.
Output device
Any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people
System unit
A case that contains the electronic components of the computer that are used to process data.
The electronic component that interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate the computer.
Consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed and the data needed to carry out those instructions.
Storage media
Holds data, instructions, and information for future use.
Storage Device
Records and/or retrieves items to and from storage media.
Communications Device
A hardware component that enables a computer to send and recieve data, instructions, and information to and from computers
Anyone who communicates with a computer or the information it generates.
A worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of business, government agencies, educational institutions, and induviduals.
The Web
Contains billions of documents called web pages that are available to anyone connected to the internet.
Web page
A page of a website that can contain text, graphics, audio, and video
Photosharing community
A website that allows users to create an online photo album and store their electronic images.
A recorded audio or video stored on a website that can be downloaded.
Consists of a series of instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to do it.
Graphical User Interface
GUI, A way of interacting with the software using text, graphics and visual images.
A miniature image that represent a program, an instruction, or some other object.
System Software
Consists of the programs that control or maintain the operations of the computer and its devices. Interface between the computer hardware, application software, and the user.
Operating System
A set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices.
Utility Program
Allows a user to preform maintenece-type tasks usually related to managing a computer, its devices, or its programs.
Application Software
Consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks.
The process of setting up soft-ware to work with the computer, printer, and other hardware components.
Someone who develops software or writes the instructions that direct the computer to process data into information.
Personal Computers
A computer that can preform all of its input, output, and storage activities by itself.
Desktop Computer
A computer designed so that all of its input and output devices, system unit and any other devices fit onto a desk.h
Mobile Computer
A portable personal computer
MObile Device
A computing device small enough to hold in your hand
Notbook Computer
A portable, personal computer designed to fit into your lap.
Tablet PC
A type of notebook computer that allows you to write on the sreeen to take notes or draw.
Internet Enabled
Having the ability to connect to the internet.
Handheld computer
A personal computer designed to fit in one hand.
Personal Digital Assistant. A device that acts as calendar, an appointment book, calculator and notepad.
Smart Phone
An internet enabled telephone that also acts as a PDA
Game Console
A computing device for playing stupid games.
Controls access to the hardware, software, and other resources on a networ, and provides a centralized storage area for programs, data, and information,
A large and powerful computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously.
The fastest, most powerful computer.
Embedded Coumputer
A special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product.
Information System
Hardware, Software, Data, People, and Procedures.
Home user
A member of a family that owns a personal computer.
Small Office/Home Office User
Any company with fewer that 50 enployees, as well as the self-employed.
Mobile Users
People who work on a computer while away from the main office or school.
Power User
A user that requires the capabilities of a workstation or other powerful computers.
Large Business User
A business that has more that 100 employees. Each Employee is a User.
Working for a firm, but not being physically at the standard place of work.
Application Software
Consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks.
Uses of Application Software
Software designed to make businesses more productive, assist with graphics and multimedia projects, support home, personal, and educational tasks, and to facilitate communications.
Packaged software
Mass-produced, copyrighted retail software that meets the needs of a wide variety of user.
Custom Software
Preforms functions specific to a business or industry.
Open Source software
Provided for use, modifiaction, and redistribution,
Copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period.
Copyrighted softwaree provided at noi cost by an individual or firm that retains the rights of the software.
Public-Domain Software
Software that has been donated for public use and has no copyright restrictions.
An on-screen work area that has a graphical user interface.
A graphical element that you activate to cause a specific action to take place.
A small symbol displayed on the screen that moves as you move the mouse.
Contains a list of commands fromwhich you make a selection.
An instruction that causes a program to preform a specific action.
A menu within a larger menu.
A rectangular area of the screen that displays data and information.
Title bar.
The title of a window, containing the windows name.
Business Software
Application software that assists people in becoming more effective and effient while preforming thier daily business activities.
Word Processing Software
Allows users to create and manipulate documents containing mostly text and sometimes graphics.
Clip Art
A collection of drawings, diagrams, maps, and photographs that you can insert in documents.
Wordprocessing wsoftware that automatically positions text at the beginning of the next line.
Create (A document)
to enter text or numbers, insert graphical images, and premorm other tasks.
Edit (a document)
To change the existing content of a document.
Format (a document)
To change the appearance of a document.
The name assigned to a specific design of characters.
Font Size
Indicates the size of the characters in a particular font,
Save (a document)
Computer transfers the document from memory to storage.
Spreadsheet software
Allows users to organize data in rows and columns and preform calculations on that data.
The collection of rows and columns
Number of cells in a work sheet
16 million+
A number that can be used in a calculation.
Proforms calculations on the data in the worksheet.
A predefined formula that preforms common calculations such as adding or muliplying the values of cells.
Allows the user to change certiain values in a spreadsheet to reveal the effects of those changes.
Dipicts the data of a workheet in graphical form.
A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data.
Database Software
Application software that allows users to create, access, and manage a database.
A row in a database.
A column in a database.
A request for specific data from the database.
Presentation Software
App. Software that allows users to creat visual aids for presentations
Slide Show
An animated collection of slides
Notetaking Software
App software that enables users to enter typed text, handwritten comments, drawings, or sketches anywhere on document.
Personal Information Manager Software
App. Software that includes an appointment calendar, address book, notepad, and pther features.
PDA Business Software
Business software allows business to create documents and worksheets, manage databases and lists, and do business stuff, from a PDA
Software suite
A collection of individual programs sold as a singel package.
Project management Software
Allows a user to manage all aspects of a project. (Planning, schedule, budget, resources)
Accounting Software
Helps companies record and report thier financial transactions.
Document Management Software
Provides a means for sharig, distributing, and searching through documents by converting them into a format that can be viewed by any user.
Portable Document Format
Computer-aided design software is a sophisticated app software that assists the user in creating engineering, architectural, and scientific designs.
Paint Software
Illustration Software, allows users to draw pictures, shapes, and opther graphical images with various on-screen tools.
Photo Editing Software
An image editing software that allows professional users to edit and customize digital photographs
Video Editing Software
Allows pros to edit clips of video.
Audio Editing Software
Lets users modify segments of audio clips and produce studio-level soundtracks.
Mulitmedia Authoring Software
Allows users to combine text, graphics, audion, video, and animation in an interactive application.
Web Authoring Software
Software that helps users at all skill levels create web pages that include graphical images, video, audio, animation and other special effects.
Personal Finance Software
A simplified Accounting software that helps home users and smalloffice/home office users balance their checkbooks, pay bills, track personal income, and expenses.
Legal Software
Assists in the preparation of legal documents and provides legal information to individuals, families, and small businesses.
Tax Perparation Software
Software that is used to guide users through the process of filing federal taxes.
Desktop Publishing software
Software that helps home and busines users create and publish newsletters, brochures, ads. and other promotional media.
Reference Software
Software that provides valuable and thorough information for all individuals.
Computer Bases Training
CBT, a type of education in whcih students learn by using and completing exercises with instructional software.
Entertainment Software
Software for interactive games.
Web Application
App. Software that exists on a web site.
Application Service Providers
A third party organization that manages and distributes software and services on the Web.
Types of Application Service Providers
Enterprise ASP: High-end business applications.
Local/Regional:A variety of aoftware apps. to a specific location.
Specialist ASP: delivers apps. to meet a specific business need.
Vertical Market ASP: Provides applications for a particular industry
Volume Business ASP: Supplies Prepackaged apps. such as accounting to businesses.
Web-based training
Uses internet technology to teach students and sonsists of application software on the web.
Distance Learning
The delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations.
Online Help
The electronic (internet) equivalent of a user manual.
The main circuit board of the system.
Computer Chip
A small piece of a semi-conductor, on which integrated circuits are etched.
Integrated Circuit
Many microscopic pathwayscapable of carrying electrical current.
Processor (CPU)
Central Processing Unit, interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer.
Control Unit
The component of the processor that directs and coordinates most of the operations in the computer.
Arithmetic Log Unit
Component of the processor that preforms arithmetic, comparison, and other operations.
Compatison Operations
Involves comparing one data item to another.
Machine Cycle
Fetching, decoding, executing, and storing.
The process of obtaining a program instruction.
Translating the information given by fetching.
The process of carrying out the commands
Writing the result to memory.
The processor begins fetching the seconditem befor the first is completed
Small high speed storage locations that temporarily hold data and instructions.
System Clock
A small quartz crystal circuit, that controls the timing of all computer operations.
Clock Speed
The pace of the system clock, measured by how many tick per second.
1 billion ticks (system clock) per second
Pentium Processor
Processor used in most desktop computers
Pentium M Processor
Processor for most mobile devices.
Dual-Core Processor
A processor chip that has two processors in it.
Heat Sink
A small ceramic or metal component with fins on its surface that absorbs and sidperses heat produced by the processor.
Heat Pipe
The cooling mechanism in Notebook computers
Parallel Processing
A method that uses multiple processors simultaneously to execute a sinlge program or task.
Uses continuous (wave like) signals.
Information in the form of combinations of two discrete states: on and off.
Binary System
A number system that has just two unigue digits: 0 and 1. Language of computers
Eight bits (binary code piece)
Binary digit. The smallest unit of data a computer can recognize.
Electronic Components that store instructions waiting to be executed by the processor, data needed by those instructions, and the results of previously processed data.
Memory Address
The particular place a byte resides in temporarily.
Equals 1,024 bytes.
Volatile Memory
Memory that loses its contents when turned off.
Non-volatile Memory
Memory that will not lose its contents when turned off.
Random Access Memory, chips that can be read and written to by the processor. Volatile memory.
Dynamic RAM
RAM that must be re-energized continuously or they lose their contents.
Static RAM
Chips are faster and more reliable than any veriation of DRAM, do not have to be re-energized as often as DRAM
Magentoresistive RAM
Stores data using magnetic charges.Greater storage capacity.
Memory Module
Ram Chips reside in this, which is a small circuit board.
Memory Slots
Slots on the motherboard that holds memory/RAM.
Memory Cache
Stores frequently used instructions and data.
Read only Memory: refers to memory storing permanent data and instructions.
ROM chips that contain permanently written data, instructions, and information.
Programable Read Only Memory. A blank ROM chip on which a programmer can write permanently.
Flash Memory
A type of Non-volatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten.
Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor. High Speed. little power chips, used by RAM, flash memory, and other memory chips.
Access Time
The amount of time it takes a processor to read data, instructions,and information
One billionth of a second
Expansion Slots
A socket on the motherboard that can hold adapter card, or a card that enhances the function of the computer.
Adapter Card
A circuit board that enhances the functions of the computer
A device that connects to the system unit and is controlled by the processor in a computer. (Modem, scanner, keyboard, mouse)
Sound Card
Enhances the sound generating capabilities of a personal computer.
Video Card
Graphics Card; converts computer output into a video signal which is carries to a peripheral.
Plug and Play
The concept that the computer automatically comfigures adapter cards and other peripherals.
PC Card Slot
A special slot that holds a PC Card
PC Card
A device that adds memory, storage, sound, network, and other capabilities.
Flash Memory Card
A removable flash memory device that allows users to transfer data and information conveniently from mobile devices to their desktops.
Hot Plugging
Allows you to insert and remove the removable flash memory card without first turning off the computer.
The point at which a peripheral attached with a system unit.
Another name for audio and video ports.
Joins a cable to a peripheral.
Serial Ports
A type of interface that connects a device to the system unit by transfering data one bit at a time.
Parallel Ports
An interface that connects devices by transfering more than one bit at a time.
USB Port
Universal Serial Bus. A convienient peripheral connection.
A device that plugs into a USB port on the system unit.
A connector that can attach meny different devices to to the system unit. Similar to the USB.
Firewire Hub
A device that plugs in an Firewire port and contains many Fire Wire plugs.
Musical Instrument Digital Interface. The standard that defines how devices represent sounds electronically.
SCSI port
Small Computer System Interface. High speed Parallel port.
IrDA port
Infared Data Association. A device that transmitss data by an Infared Wave.
Bluetooth port
Uses Radio waves to transmit data between two devices.
Cools phones use this.
An electrical channel on which data is transmitted. Allows devices within and without the system unit communicate with each other.
Word Size
The number of bits the processor can interpret and execute at a given time.
An opening inside the system unit in which you can install additional equipment.
External Drive bays
Allows a user to access the drive from outside the system unit.
Internal Drive bay
A drive bay that is concealed within the system unit.
Power Supply
The component of the system unit that converts the wall outlet AC into DC power.
System Software
Software that consists of the programs that control or maintain the operations of the computer and its devices.
Operating System
The set of all programs containing instructions that cooprdinate all the activities among computer hardware resources.
The operating system a computer uses is this.
A program that runs the same on multiple operating systems.
The process of starting and restarting a computer.
Warm Boot
The process of using the operating system to restart a computer.
Cold Boot
The process of turning on a computer that has been powered off completely.
The core of the operating system that managaes memory and devices, maintains the computer's clock, starts applications, and assigns the computers resources.
Memory Resident
The kernel of an operating system is this. It remains in memory while the computer is running.
NonResident (memory)
Instructions remain on the Harddrive until they are needed.
Basic input/optput system. Firmware that contains the computer's startup instructions.
Power on Self Test. A series of tests that the BIOS runs to make sure the hardware is working properly.
Boot Drive
A drive from which your computer boots.
Recovery Disk
Contains a few system file that will start the computer.
Command-Line Interface
A type of interface in which a user types commands or presses special keys on the keyboard.
Menu-Driven Interface
A menu-driven interface provides menus as a means of entering commands.
A single user/single tasking operating system
An operating system that allows only one user to run one program at a time.
Single user/Multitasking operating system
Allows a single user to work on two or more programs that reside in memory at the same time.
Foreground of Desktop
The active program on the desktop.
Background of a Desktop.
Programs that are running but not in use.
Preemptive multitasking
The operating system interrupts a program that is executing and passes control to andother program waiting to be executed.
Mulit-user Operating System
An Operating system that enables two or more users to run programs simultaneously.
Multiprocessing Operating System
Supports two or more processors running programs at the same time.
Memory management
Optimizes the use of Random access memory. (Ram management)
Virtual memory
The operating system allocates a portion os a storgae medium, ususally the hard disk, to functions as additional RAM. Slower than RAM.
An operation that the processor manages.
A segment of memory or storage in which items are placed while waiting to be transferred from an input device to and output device.
The operatinh system uses buffers to manage print jobs.
Sends jobs to buffer instead of sending them to the printer.
Device Driver. A small program that tells the operating system how to communicate with a specific device.
Interrupt request line.
Performance Monitor
A program that assesses and reports information about various computer resources and devices.
Network Operating System
An operating system that organizes and coordinated how multiple users access and share resources on a network.
User ID
a unique combination of characters that identifies one specific user.
A private combination of characters associated with a user name that allows access to certain computer resources.
Utility Program
A type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks, usally related to managing a computer, its devices, or its programs.
File manager
A utility that performs functions related to file and disk management.
Formatting (a disk)
Preparing a disk for reading and writing.
An Icon that provides a user with immediate acces to a program or file.
Personal Firewall
A utility that detects and protects a personal computer from unauthorized intrusions.
A person who tries to access a computer or network illegaly
A utility that removes a program, as well as any associated entries in the system files.
Disk Scanner
A utility that detects and corrects both physical and logical problems on a hard disk. Also serches for and removes unnecessary files.
Disk Defragmenter
A utility that reorganizes the file and unused space on a computer's hard disk the the operating system accesses data more quickly.
Diagnostic utility
A utility that compiles technical information about your computer's hardware and certian system software programs.
Backup utility
A utility that allows users to copy, or backup, selected files to another storage medium.
Compressp file to thier origional form.
To shrink the size of files during the backup process.
Restore Program
Reverses the process and returns backed up files to their origional forms.
Screen Saver
A utility that causes a display device's screen to show a moving image that prevents ghosting from being etched onto the screen.
Device Dependent
A program that runs only on a specific type or make of computer. Macintosh
A program that runs on a variety of computers. Windows.
Stand-alone operating system
A complete operating system that works on a desktop computer, notebook, or mobile device. DOS, WIndows XP, UNIX, LINUX.
Disk Operating System, refers to several single user operating systems developed by Microsoft in the 80's.
Windows XP
A fast reliable Windows operating system, providingg quicker startup, better performance and a simple visual look.
Windows Vista
The new windows OS. Fastest, most reliable microsoft OS out.
mac OS X
Multi-tasking operating system available only for Apple computers.
A popular, multi-tasking, UNIX-type of operating system. Open Source software.
A version of unix developed by Sun Microsystems, a network operating system designed specifically for e-commerce applications.
Embedded Operating system
Resides on A ROM chip, an operating system found on most PDA's and small devices
Windows Ce
An embedded, scaled down version of Windows operating system.
WIndows Mobile
An operating system based on windows CE for PDAs and Smart phones
Palm OS
An embedded operating system in competition with windows. Runs on Pda's and smart phones.
Embedded Linux
Scaled down linux operating system designed for PDA's, smart phones, smart watches, etc.
Symbian OS
An open source multitasking operating system designed for smart phones.
Describes a potentially dangerous and damaging computer program that affects, on infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works.
A virus that copies itself repeatedly in memory or over a network.
Trojan Horse
virus that hides within or looks like a legitimate program.
Antivirus Program
A prgram that protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found in the computer.
A program that secretly monitors and collects information about the user, often related to Web browsing habits.
Spyware Remover
A program that detects and deletes spyware, adware, and other similar programs.
Unsolicited advertising messages or images.
Anti-spam program
A program that Blocks spam.
Web-filtering software
A program that restricts access to certian material on the web.
Pop-up blocker
A filtering program that stops pop-up ads from appearing.
File conversion utility
A utility that transforms the contents of a file from one format to another
File Compression Utility
A utility that shrinks the size of files.
Zipped Files
Compressed files.
(unzip) A utility that restors a compressed file to its origional size.
Personal Computer maintenance Utility
A utility that identifies and fixes operating problems, detects and repairs disk problems.