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Cable Modem
converts computer's signal into one that can travel over the CATV network
Cloud Computing
servers that offer internet accessible computing services ranging from office productivity applications to complex corporate data processing
Domain name
easy to remember name for a web address
Domain name system
domain name corressponding to a unique IP address
software or hardware designed to filter out suspicious packets attempting to enter or leave a computer
a way to transfer files from one computer to another over any TCP/IP network.
Internet backbone
network of high capacity communications links that provides the main routes for data traffic across the internet
Internet service provider
company that offers internet access to individual, businesses , and smaller ISPs
elapsed time for data to make a round trip from point A to point B and back to point A
Network address translation
process router uses to keep track of packets and their corresponding private or public IP address
P2P File Sharing
protocols that allow users to obtain files from other users located anywhere on the internet
a virtual device that allows a computer to perform more than one type of service
private and routable ip address
non routable ip address that can be used inside of a lan. vs one which can be accessed by packets on the Internet
static and dynamic ip address
permenantly assigned (ISP's, websites, web hosting services, email servers) vs temporarily assigned (Internet users)
breaks a message or file into packets
primary protocol suite responsible for message transmission on the internet
communications protocol that provides internet access from handheld devices like cell phones.
Ethernet compatible network standard used mainly in urban areas.
Virtual private network
provides a remote connection to a report server that is secure.
small chunk of data generated by a web server and stored in a text file on your computer's hard disk
Conmersion proccess providing a way of disguising digital photos, sounds, and other media as plan ASCII code that can travel over the Internet as email attatchments.
online jargon for internet etiquette
exploit that redirects users to fake sites by poisoning a domain name server with a false IP address
email based scam that is designed to presuade you to reveal confidential information
you can subscribe to a feed to make sure you automatically recieve new updates as they are produced
Selection control structure
tells a computer what to do, based on whether a condition is true or false ( If, Then, ELSE)
Sequence control structure
changes the order in which instructions are carried out by directing the computer to execute an instruction elsewhere in the program
first commercially succesfull MINIcomputer
MITS Altair
first commercial micro(personal) computer
Apple II
Ran Visicalc, had colorful graphics and a disk drive. Very popular.