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Container Class
A class into which you can add other elements
Not occurring at the same moment in time as some specific operation of the computer; not synchronized with computer's actions
An action, such as a mouse click, that takes place asynchronously with respect to the execution of the application
Event handling
The process of responding to events
Event handler
A method that responds to an event; part of the event listener that is invoked by the event source object
Event listener
An object that contains event handler methods
Event source
An object that generates events
Firing an event
An event source generates an event
Registering a listener
Adding a listener to an event source's list of interested listeners
A component that can be added to a frame and that fires an event (called a button event) when the user click it with the mouse
Interface(in Java)
A model for a class that specifies the fields and methods that must be present in a class that implements the interface
Implementation (in Java)
A class containing the definitions of the methods specified in an interface
Event loop
Repeating an action in response to repeated events
A component of a frame in which the user can type a value
A user interface technique in which the user enters data and then performs a separate action (such as clicking a button) when the entered values are ready to be processed by the application