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Altair 8800
One of the first microcomputers without an operating system. Programs needed to be entered by "fat-fingering" in order to use it. Was tedious and inaccurate.
Basic output/input system - a collection of programs that has the capibility of communicating with peripheral devices like keyboards. Loads the operating system into RAM and turn control of the computer over to it (RAM=nonpermanent memory).
Booting up
--cold rebooting
--warm rebooting
The process of automaatically running a program located in ROM, which in turn loads the operating system into RAM and leaves the operating system in control.
Graphical User Interface
Commands are usually given through a mouse. More user-friendly.
Command-line Interface
Communication occurs by the use of commands.
Open-source software
The program has copies of the original source code avaliable so that changes can be made. Linux is free adn the original program is avaliable, meaning that anyone can make changes to suit their computing needs.
Flatfile structure
Filing system that organizes files in one list, usually in date or alphabetical order. Not subvidived in any way, and access to the list must be obtained by looking at the complete list.
Hierarchical file structure
Organizes files in a tree-like structure.