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Who picked up Marty and Grace at the airport?
Phil and Bertha Bishop
How did Marty and Grace seal a promise?
By giving Grace's monkey's arm a squeeze
What is the name of the school Marty and Grace attended?
Omega Opportunity Preparatory School
What was the small computer called that Uncle Travis gave the twins.
A gizmo
What name did Uncle Travis want to be called?
What is Wolfe's dog's name?
Who came to the island in the red kayak?
Dr. Laurel Lee
What did STOP mean to Marty?
Stop Think Observe Plan
What was Wolfe's ship called?
Who was Marty's friend at school?
What is Dr. Lee's occupation?
Cultural Anthropologist
What was Grace's earliest memory?
Marty climbing to the top of a bookcase to get candy
How did Marty and Grace get to the Congo?
They fell out of a plane
What were Marty and Grace searching for when they fell out of the plane?
Bo the chimp
Where did Wolfe tell Marty and Grace to go in the Congo?
To the Skyhouse
What happened to Butch McCall's camp?
A silverback gorilla tore the camp apart
When Marty made breakfast what did he serve with the eggs?
Green Mamba
What is cryptozoology?
The study of animals that are believed to exist
What kind of dog is PD?
A teacup poodle
Who is Noah Blackwood?
A famous conservationist with tv shows and parks
What was wrong with Wolfe's leg?
He was missing part of his leg
What is the name of the island Wolfe lives on?
What does Wolfe say when he wants PD to get in his pocket?
Where is Lake Tele?
In the congo
How does Dr. Lee deal with her fear?
By pretending she is walking a high wire
What are Marty and Grace's parents names?
Sylvia and Timothy O'Hara
What was in the twins' father's backpack?
a camp stove and his journal
What is Mokele-mbembe?.
A small sauropod dinosaur
What animals were in the Skyhouse when the twins first arrived there?
A snake and a lot of bats
What did the parrot say to Grace?
Rose is back
What was painted on the lid of the trunk in the skyhouse?
a red rose
How did Marty communicate with Masalito?
By drawing on a sketch pad
How did Dr. Laurel Lee's mother die?
She fell from a trapeze
How did Bo escape from the cage in the plane?
Marty forgot to lock it
How many feet did the twins fall from the plane?
1800 feet
Why did Wolfe ask Marty to set fire to the Mokele-mbembe?
So Mr. Blackwood couldn't extract DNA from it
What is the parrot's name?
Who is Grace's real father?
Travis Wolfe
How much older than Grace is Marty?
6 weeks
What is the name of the school that the O'Hara twins attend?
Omega Oppportunity Prepartory School
Where is the school located?
Who is the headmaster of Omega Oppportunity Prepartory School
Dr. Bartholomew Beasel
What does Marty call Grace's stuffed monkey
Frankenstein Monkey
What are Grace and Marty's parents names?
Sylvia and Timothy O'Hara
What is the term in a photograph where the background is as sharply focused as the forground?
Depth of field
What is the study of hidden animals?
What is the name of Uncle Travis's ship
What is the name of Uncle Travis's island?
Cryptos Island
What command makes PD jump into a pocket?
What kind of dog is PD?
teacup poodle
What is the computer that Uncle Travis gives Marty and Grace called?
What animaldid Uncle Travis capture for Noah Blackwood?
A Great White Shark
What does Dr. Leah bring Uncle Travis?
An egg from
What is the name of Noah Blackwoods Lab?
GeneArk Laboratories
What type of dinosaur is Mokle-mbembe?
What job did Laurel have before she became an anthroplogist?
An aerialist in a circus
What does Laurel tell Grace is the only way to overcome fears?
To get over them a little at a time
What is a prothesis?
An artificial leg
What does Marty mistake for Bigfoot?
A chimp named Bo
What is the name of the raven that is used for video survellience of the island?
What is the scientific name of the raven?
Corvus corax
What does Marty's saying "duh dujor" mean?
Duh of the Day
What does Grace call her fears list?
Fears du Jour
Who is Blackwood's right hand man?
Butch McCall
What do Grace and Marty use to try and catch Bo?
How many years had it been since Uncle Travis had been to the skyhouse?
11 years
What year the did the Okapi get discovered?
What is the name of the pygmie village that Travis and Laurel stop at on their way to the skyhouse?
How many unknown primates has Uncle Travis discovered since graduating from Vet school?
What is Rose's relationship to Noah Blackwood?
His daughter
What happened to Rose?
A Moke'le'-mbembe' killed her
What does Marty call the first breakfast he cooks in the skyhouse?
Green Eggs and Mamba
What does the parrot say to Grace when she is in the skyhouse?
Rose is back
How does Marty call Masalito?
the molimo
How do Marty and Masalito first communicate?
They draw pictures
Who is Grace's grandfather?
Noah Blackwood
What is the name of the parrot that keeps leading Grace around?
What were Grace and Marty doing when the chute opened?
Trying to put Bo back in his cage
How did Grace realize that Uncle Travis is really her father
During her dream
What are the twins' names?
Marty and Grace O'Hara
What is the name of the twins' boarding school?
Omega Opportunity Preparatory School
Where is the twins' boarding school?
Who is the headmaster of the twins' boarding school?
Dr. Bartholomew Beasel (or Bartholomew Beasel)
Who is Marty's roommate at boarding school?
Luther Smyth
How do Marty and Grace think their parents died?
helicopter crash and conflagration (or file)
What do Sylvia and Timothy O'Hara do?
Where had the twins' parents been just before S. America?
Mt. Everest
What did the twins get in trouble for when they were in 1st grade?
building a bear trap their mother fell into
What's Grace and Marty's uncle's name?
Travis Wolfe (or Dr. Travis Wolfe)
What's Luthur call Grace's dirty look ?
How old are the twins?
What city does Travis Wolfe live near?
Why did Dr. Beasel insist the twins wear their school uniforms when they few to meet their uncle?
So their uncle would recognize them
Who picks the twins up when they fly to Seattle?
Phil and Bertha Bishop
When Grace and Marty bet, how much do they wager?
One dollar
Which twin likes to cook?
What kind of watercraft does Laurel Lee come to the island in?
red kayak
What's the name of Dr. Wolfe's island?
Cryptos Island
What does Dr. Travis Wolfe want the twins to call him?
What does Wolfe keep in his aquariums?
squid and coelacanths
Who is PD?
Wolfe's teacup poodle
What does PD stand for?
Pocket Dog
What do you say to make PD jump in a pocket?
What is the Game-boy sized computer called?
What does "kryptos" mean?
With what symbol does the Gizmo show people's locations?
different colored squares, or squares
What's the name of the visitor in the red kayak?
Dr. Laurel Lee, or Laurel Lee
What animal was the last one Wolfe captured for Noah Blackwood?
great white shark
What does Noah Blackwood call his animal parks?
Noah's Ark(s)
What kind of doctor is Travis Wolfe?
Where is Lake Tele?
Congo (or Congo, Africa)
What does Wolfe call the Congo cryptid?
Whom did Travis Wolfe steal the cryptid egg from?
Noah Blackwood
What is the name of the pygmy leader who helps Wolfe?
What is mokele-mbembe?
small sauropod dinosaur
How large is mokele-mbembe?
slightly larger than an elephant (or length 16 to 32 feet)
What did Laurel do before she became an anthropologist?
aerialist (or high-wire walker)
What kind of zoologist is Dr. Wolfe?
What does Grace call her stuffed monkey?
Which of Wolfe's legs was removed below the knee?
right leg
What's the bonobo chimpanzee's name?
What did Marty think the bottlenose dolphins were?
Why doesn't Wolfe want to take the twins to Lake Tele?
It's too dangerous
What was Laurel's mother trying to perform when she died?
quadruple somersault
Who is Noah Blackwood's right-hand man?
Butch McCall
Where did Noah Blackwood get his "panda triplets"?
poached (stolen) from 3 different mothers in China by Butch McCall
What's the name of the bull Marty and Luther hid in their dorm?