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Which lung is shorter?
How many lobes does the left lung have?
What layer of the pleura is in direct contact with the lungs?
Visceral layer
Which hemidiaphragm is higher?
What portion of the sternum is first seen on an axial CT?
In which direction does the apex of the heart project?
Anterior and left
What is the outermost lining of the heart?
Fibrous pericardium
The innermost lining of the chambers of the heart is?
Which chamber has the thickest myocardium?
Left Ventricle
Which chamber is most anterior?
Right Ventricle
Which chamber is most posterior?
Left atrium
Which valve separates the left atrium from the left ventricle?
Mitral valve
From which chamber does the pulmonary trunk originate?
Right Ventricle
From which chamber do the pulmonary veins originate?
Left Atrium
From which chamber does the SVC and IVC originate?
Right atrium
From which chamber does the aorta originate?
Left Ventricle
Which vessels merge together to form the SVC?
Right and Left brachiocephalic veins
In which direction does the aorta sweep?
To the left and posterior
Where is the descending aorta located in the mediastinum?
Posterior and to the left
Into which vessel does the azygos vein empty?
The azygos and hemiazygos veins are a continuation of the?
Right and Left ascending lumbar veins
Where is the carina located?
At what level do the pulmonary arteries branch off the pulmonary trunk?
What vessels form the IVC?
Common iliac veins