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a strong and beautiful type of ceramic
a series of rulers from one family
a trade route that linked China and Europe
Silk Road
characters for printing that can be rearranged
movable type
a travel route IN China
Grand Canal
warriors(knights) from Japan
the most powerful lord/general in Japan
strict rules which Japanese warriors followed
Japan’s system resembled Europe’s
estate owner’s in Japan-fought to get more land
What 2 dynasties are considered to be most important in China?
Tang and Song
Who is considered to be one of the most important Shoguns in Japan?
Tokugawa Ieyasu
List 3 important Chinese inventions
gunpowder, compass, movable type
What strange custom did the Chinese have regarding women?
Why did the Japanese throw the Europeans out of Japan
feared they would take over
Define Isolation and explain why Japan wanted to be isolated
to be separated from other countries-1. develop own culture 2. keep foreign influences out
Why did Japan develop feudalism-explain
1. daimyos continually fighting over land=protection
What is Shinto?
Japanese religion -worship of nature
What other religion influences Japan?
Buddhism (Zen)
What is seppuku?
Samurai suicide with short sword/knife
What did the Europeans bring to Japan
Christianity and guns (trade goods)
Who is responsible for isolating and uniting Japan
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Why was Japan hard to invade?
Define samurai
one who serves
How long was Japan isolated
250 years
How was Japan Isolated?
1. no foreign trade 2. no Christianity 3. no large boats could be built for distant trade 4. kicked out Europeans
Who had real power in Japan-the shogun or the emperor
Who was the greatest ruler of the Tang Dynasty?
Tang Taizong
Explain the merit system
people are chosen to work in government positions by ability (test) rather than who you know (relatives)
What philosopher had a huge influence on the Tang dynasty and future Chinese rulers?
What other code does the bushido resemble?
"I think, therefore I am"
“I do not agree with a word you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
i. “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains”
a. Wealth of Nations
Adam Smith
b. Two Treatsies of Government
John Locke
c. The Spirit of Laws
d. The Leviathan
Thomas Hobbes
e. The Social Contract
f. The Encyclopedia
j. people are selfish, greedy, and cruel by nature
k. people are born with Natural, God given rights to life, liberty and property
l. believed in 3 branches of government
m. supported a free market system and laissez faire
n. believed people were good but society corrupted them
o. believed need order and obedience with an absolute monarch ruling them
p. denounced slavery and spread
1. Discovered the planets movement was an ellipse not a circle
2. promoted the heliocentric theory
3. used the telescope to aide his discoveries
4. was punished by the Inquisition in 1633
5. used Tyco Brahe’s calculations to support Copernicus
6. discovered he sun spins on an axis, Jupiter’s moons orbit, and stated the moon was not smooth
7. discovered gravity
8. promoted Natural Law as an explanation for why things occur
4. What is the geocentric theory
Earth is the center of the universe
3. What is the heliocentric theory
Sun is the center
5. Who promoted the geocentric theory
1. What was the Enlightenment
time period when people used logic and reason to solve problems
2. Why were some of the scientists and philosophers putting themselves “in danger” with their ideas?
Challenging govt. and church ideas (established)
laissez faire
no government restrictions on the economy ("let alone")
How does the Enlightenment contribute to the growth of democracy? (give examples from the US)
1. made people think differently about govt. 2. 3 branches 3. Natural Rights 4. Declaration of Independence
pushed for the Scientific method and reason to be used by people
worked with the human body and circulation of blood
Developed the printing press
Protestant reformer; believed in predestination
John Calvin
developed the printing press
First protestant reformer; 95 theses
Martin Luther
What is the Protestant Reformation?
Roman Catholic Church MAIN Catholic Church, Had A LOT of power and no one to compete for it, People began to question the Church and move away from it and started NEW Christian churches
Where was the Roman Catholic Church based?
Rome, Italy
Church had a lot of _____ and _____.
money, power
German Monk and Professor
Martin Luther
Believed in Salvation by Faith
Martin Luther
Thought the Holy Bible to be the ULTIMATE authority for religious truth
Martin Luther
"All people are equal in the eyes of God"
Martin Luther
Nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the Catholic Church
Martin Luther
Attacked the sale of indulgences
Martin Luther
Belived in predestination
John Calvin
God has already decided who will be saved and who won't
You can tell if a person is the "elect" or saved because___________.
Righteous Life (No Sins) and Good Work Ethic (Hard-working) , has faith, does good works
You can tell when a person is not saved because___________.
They are sinners and do nothing about it
The FIRST Protestant religion
Spread faith to France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Scotland
John Calvin
Grew bigger than Lutheranism
Created the Anglican Church
King Henry VIII
Wanted a divorce from his wife, Catherine of Aragon because she could not have a male heir.
King Henry VIII
The Catholic Church’s religious movement in defense of the faith was called what?
Catholic Counter Reformation
Where did Catholic church officials meet to review and reaffirm the Roman Catholic faith?
Council of Trent
What is the other name for the "Society of Jesus"?
The Jesuits
Whose responsibility was it to spread the Catholic faith through missions?
The Jesuits
What group was established to set out and seek those who were heretics?
The Inquisition
What does it mean to be a heretic?
One who is against the teachings of the church
What languages was the Bible printed into?
German, French and English
The printing press led to _______________.
growth of books, literacy and cultural diffusion
taking away a persons membership in a church
effects of the printing press
writers criticized popes, books encouraged passion for religion, availability of the Bible, rapid spreading of ideas
Diet of Worms
trial of Martin Luther asking him to recant his statements and writings against the Catholic church
Edict of Worms
imperial order issued by Charles V excommunicating Martin Luther
followers of Martin Luther
pardon releasing the payee from a set penance or helping to get them salvation
Explain the 95 Thesis
statements authored by Martin Luther speaking against some of the practices of the Catholic church; mainly the selling of indulgences
What is a Prostestant
Christians belonging to a non-catholic church
Religous causes of the Reformation
corrupt church leaders, unacceptable church practices (indulgences)
Political causes of the Reformation
powerful monarchs, challenging leaders of church to gain power,land, & money
Economic causes of the Reformation
jealousy of wealth, not wanting to pay taxes to church
Reformation started in what country?
Pope Leo X
opposed Luther's ideas-excommunicated him
Which European country had a monarch who had to share power with Parliament?
Painters like Michelangelo used this to create masterpieces that appeared magical
Why were enslaved Africans brought to America in 1619?
work on plantations
Artists of the renaissance focused mainly on this subject
humans and their experiences
The development of printing in Europe led to this
more people learning to read (literacy)
A lords primary duty towards the people who pledged him loyalty was?
The main reason why the Church was so powerful in the Middle Ages
It made laws and set up its own courts
As feudalism grew weak, kings regained power by helping these
towns & cities
During the feudal period, the most powerful religion in Europe was the?
Catholic Church
One major factor for the growth of trade during the Middle Ages wwas?
the Crusades
The famous Renaissance essay "The Prince," in which the author states, "the ends justify the means," was written by?
Niccolo Machiavelli
One of Europe's great Renaissance patrons was?
Lorenzo di Medici
Said that people are basically selfish, greedy, and cruel.
Said that we're all born with natural of God-given rights- life, liberty, property.
Believed in three branches of government- executive, legislative, judicial.
supporter of a free-market economy where the factors of supply and demand determine prices.
Thought that all people were good, but corrupted by society. (he felt that bound them in chains symbolically
Felt that absolute monarchy (kings, queens, dictators) were the best form of government. People needed to be controlled.
He denounced and despised slavery in all forms in his encyclopedia.
Crusaded for free speech and attacked the church and his French king.
spread the ideas of the Enlightenment. (through his major work the Encyclopedia)
Said that people can overthrow the government if their rights were not protected. (hint:natural rights)
believed in laissez faire (government should keep its hands off business)
Wrote Leviathan
Wrote Spirit of Laws
Wrote Social Contract
"I think therefore I am"