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Max Tire Speed
Max takeoff weight
Max taxi weight
Max Zero Fuel Weight
Min Flight Weight
Maxium altitude for takeoff and landing
Maximum operating altitude is
Maximum and minimum temperature for takeoff and landing
ISA +35, -40c
Cowl anti-ice system must be on when the ambient temperature is below
OAT 10C or below
Engine cowl anti ice system must be on when (2 conditions)
1) in icing conditions
2) ICE is annunciated by the detections system.
Wing Anti-Ice System
When must wing anti-ice must be on for takeoff and landing
OAT 5C or Below
2) Visable moisture and Vis is < 1 Mile
3) Contanimated Runway
4) TypeII, TypeIV anti-ice fluids applied
5) Must be selected on just prior to takeoff
What are the engine types are on the CRJ700
GE CF34-8C5B1
Maximum and minimum Limitations for the following indications
OilTemp C
Oil Press psi
N1) 99.4-Limit 99.5
N2) 99.3-Limit 99.4
ITT) Vatiable
Oil Temp) 164, 156-163, -40 to 155
Oil Temp) 0-24 (red)
Use of Engine High PWR Sched switchlight is....
Engine Warm up
The engine must remain idle until...
During all starts, do not exceed**** percent N1 for ***minutes or untill all operatins indications are in the normal range
1) 75%
2) 2minutes
Airplane cold Soak
Before the first flight of the day, when the plane is soaked for -30C or below for more the 8hrs what must be accomplished?
1) the engines must be motored for 60 sec and the fan rotations must be verified before engine start is intinated
2) thrust reversers must be actuated until the deploy and stowed cycles are 2 sec. or less.
Continuous engine ignitions must be used during the following
1) Takeoff and landings on contanimated ryws
2) Flight through moderate or intense rain
3) flight through moderate or heave intense turbulance
4) flight in vicinity of thrunderstorms
Starter Cranking Limits
the starter must not be indicated in N2 rpm exceeds 45%
At initiations of thrust lever movement from Shut Off to idle:
1), 2)
1)ITT must be 120C or less for all ground starts
2) ITT must be 90C or Less for all air starts
Engine Relight Limits
1) Windmilling a)
Altitude from 21,000 to 10,000 ft:
Speed 290 KIAS to Vmo, 7.2% N2 minimum
Engine Relight Limits
1) Windmilling b)
Altitude from 10,000 feet to sea level:
speed 250 KIAS to Vmo and 7.2%N2 minimum
Engine Relight Limits
Starter Assisted
Altitude from 21,00 ft to sea lvl
Speed from Vref up to Vmo and from 0 to 45% N2
Engine Relight Limits
All Engine-Out Rapid Relight
Altitude from 10,000 ft. to sea lvl:
FADEC rapid relight capabilty has been demonstrated at 200 KIAS for up to 15-sec fuel interruptions.
Wing tank capacities
7,492 lbs
7,290 lbs Gravity Refueling
Center Tank
4610 lbs
total tank capacities
19,594lbs, 14,580 refueling
Fuel Temp limits for Jet A
1) Bulk Fuel Takeoff Limit
2) Bulk Fuel Freezing Point
1) -30C
2) -40C
Takeoff with engine fuel temp indications below**** is prohibited
takeoff with bulk fuel temp indications below****** ***** is prohibited
limits stated
Takeoff with a fuel load in excess of ****** in the center tank is not permitted unless unless the wing tank is ******lbs
1) 500lbs
2) 4,400
The Minimum fuel quantity for go around per tank
600lbs per wing with max 10 degree nose up.
During flight, bulk fuel temps must remain above....
applicable bulk fuel freezin point.
Maximum permissible fuel imbalance between wing tanks are given
1) 300 lbs during takeoff
2) 800 all other phases of flight
Oil Consumptions
What is the maxumim oil consumption on each engine
6.4 us ounces per hour
What types of oil go into the engine
Castrol 4000
What are the Oil using components on the plane
Engines, Air turbine Starter, Integrated Drive Generator, Aux Power Unit
Engine Oil Level
What is the Max durations for checking the oil without servicing
36 hours
In excess of 36 hrs without checking the oil, what are the new checking limits?
oil level must be checked within 3 mins to 1 hour after every shutdown.
For Oil Replenishment System
Maximum oil refill allowable without dry motoring
2US quarts
What must be done if the oil system as been replenished to maximum capacity and the replenish period has been exceeded
The engine must be dry motoring
Mixing of the oils is permitted, T or F
What Brand of APU is there on the CRJ too?
Allied Signal RE 220 RJ
What is the Ambient temp limit for starting a cold soaked APU on the ground
Maxumim EGT ( dependant upon altitude and temps) are?
for 0-100 %RPM 692C to 1038C
The APU is limited to how many started cycles on one hour?
3 starter cycles attemtps in one hour.
How long is the delay for cooling the starter between cranking?
two minute delay
Operating Range
Max RPM 106
What is the Maximum APU starting Altitude
What is the Max operating altitude.
ECS Operations
What is the Max altitude to extract bleed air.
25,000 and below
If the use of the oil replenishment system is required, how long do you have to replinish the oil after shutdown
15 minutes to 1 hour after engine shutdown
What is required if the oil system has to be replenished to a maximum capacity and the replenished period has been exceeded?
the engine must be dry motored
Is Mixing oil types allowed
It is prohibited to mix oil types
APU Bleed Ait Limits
What is the limit for Using Bleed air to start the Main engine (In Flight)
Starter assisted main engine start(MES) using APU bleed air is limited to 21,000 ft or below(not an APU bleed limitations but an in-flight MES altitude limitation)
What are the Limitations for a APU Bleed Air Main Engine start (on Ground)
No Limitations
What is the Bleed Air Limit for ECS operations
APU Bleed air extraction is not permitted above 25,000
Memory Items for Rejected Takeoff (3 Items)
Thrust Levers....Idle
Wheel Brakes.....Maximum untill safe stop
Thrust reversers...Maximum (consistant with directional control)
Flight Compt. Smoke Removal Proceedures
(2 items)
1) Oxygen mask/Smoke Goggles...don & 100%
Air Condition Smoke
(2 Items)
1) Oxygen mask/Smoke...Don 100%
2) Crew communication....Establish
Electrical Smoke of Fire
(2 Items)
1) Oxygen mask/Smoke goggles DON & 100%
2) Crew Communications...Establish
Cabin Alt Msg or Emerg Descent Procedure
(2 items)
1) Oxygen Mask....don 100%
2) Crew Communication...Establish
Rudder System Jammed
(2 items)
1)Yaw Damper Disc...Select
2)Rudder pedals...overpower
Stablilzer Trim Runaway
(2 Items)
1)Conrol Wheel...Assume Manual COntrol and Override Runaway
2)Stab Trim...Disconnect
During Landing Execessive Asymmerty or Loss of Braking
(3 Items)
1) Wheel brakes..Release momentarily
2)Anti Skid...Off
3)Wheel Brake...Re-Apply As Required
Configurations Warning
(one Items)
Takeoff...Discontinue Immediately
Aileron System Jammed
(4 items)
2)Aileron controls (both) release pressure
3) Roll disc...Pull, Turn and Lock
4) Airplane control...transfer to pilot with operative aileron
Elevator System Jammed
(4 items)
1) AutoPilot...Disengage
2) Elevator controls(both)...Release Pressure
3) Pitch Disc...Pull, Turn and Lock
4) Airplane control...Transfer to pilot with operative elevator
List the 4 required equipment systems for RVSM
1) Autopilot (1)
2) Altitude Alerter System
3) Altitude Reporting transponder (2)
4) Air Data Computers (2)
Cargo Flight reqirements
Fligth with Cargo must be within .....Minutes from a suitable airport, if installed in .....compartment
1) 60 minutes
2) either compartment
Maximum runway slopes approved for takeoff and landing
+/- 2 degrees
What are the center tank fuel capacities
What is Max Speed of the Aircraft
Mach .85
What is the Maximum operating speed in RVSM Airspace?
Mach .83
Max altitude for Starting the APU for ECS purposes
25,000 ft.
Flap speed for the following flap Settings
1) Flaps 1
2) Flaps 8
3) Flaps 20
4) Flaps 30
5) Flaps 45
1) 230
2) 230
3) 230
4) 185
5) 170
Gear Positions Speeds
2)Down and Locked
1) 220 KIAS
2) 220 KIAS
3) 200 KIAS
Green Limit
Red Limit
Green 806 C
Red 807 C
Green Limt
Red Limit
Green Limit 0-106%
Red Limit 107%
If APU Door is indicated open or unsure what are the Proceedures?
1) the Max speed is 220 KIAS
2) The APU must remain in Operations
Maximum permissable electrcal load on the APU
40 KVA
Max Speed for the ADG
(Air Driven Generator)
What is the Maximum speed one may fly through turbulance
280KIAS or Mach .75 which ever is lower.
Minumum operating speed
Nothing lower that Stick spaker and even not that close without purpose for flight testing purposes.
Max Windshield wiper operating speeds
250 KIAS in the Parked position. If not in use but not parked, Max speed 250 KIAS
What are the maneuvering Limit Load Factors for operation
1) Flaps Retracted
2) Flaps Extended
1) -1.0 to 2.5 G
2) 0.0 to 2.0 G
Minimum altitude for Auto pilot engagement after takeoff?
600 Ft.
Minimum alt. for auto pilot engagement on a non-precisions approach
Min. Alt for autopilot engagement on a percision approach< 3.5 degrees
80 ft
Min alt. for autopilot engagement for a precision approach <3.5 degrees with an airport alt <4000ft.
Flight spoilers must be retracted below what altitude
300ft. and also not within 10KIAS of approach speed
Flight slats and Flaps may not be extended above what altitude?
What are the 4 requirements for PRNAV
1) flight Management Computer (2)
2) FMS control Display (2)
3) VHF NAV(2) DME(2)
4) GPS (2)
Max Oil Pres
Green/ Variable
Amber/ Variable
Red/ 0 to 24psi
What is the Max Oil Temperature
Green/ -40 to 155
Amber/ 156-163
Red/ 164
ITT temd during Ground starts
815 Deg C
Max N1 and Idle Percent
99.5/ 20-25%
Max Windmill start temp
927 Deg.
Expexted N2 during
1) Ground Start
2) Assissted Start
3) Idle
4) Max Continuous
5) Max
1) 45%
2) 45%
3 55-65
4) 98%
5) 99.4%
Max Oil Press on Ground Start, Assisted Start, Windmill, idle, Max Cont, Normal T/O
182psi -95
182 psi -95
182psi- 95
45-95 psi
Max oil temp is..
Under what conditions is Flex Power not usable
Flex Power is not to be used for the followin conditions
1) Wing and Cowl anti Ice
2) Runway is contanimated
3) Warning or forecast of windshear or downdrafts
4) Antiskid system is inperative.
What are the icing conditions in flight considered
Icing conditions are considered a TAT of 10 deg C or below and visable moisture in anyform is encountered.
What are the amounts of ice and frost permissable for takeoff on the underside of the wings surfaces, associated with the fuel tanks
max 1/8 in layer of frost
max 1/16 in layer of ice
What is the max airport pressure altitude for takeoff.
8000ft is the max press altiude.
When must wing anti-ice system be on for takeoff with the OAT is below 5 deg C and below
1) visible moisture with 1 mile visible moisture
2) Contaminated runways
3) When Anti Icing fluids have been applied.
What is the Maximum continuous ITT
960 deg C
What is the Max continuous N2
What is the Max continuous N1
What is the oil pressure limits for Ground, Starter assisted and Windmill start
182 to 95 psi after 10 minutes. Values make peak above 182 psi to 95psi
What is the oil pressure during idle
25-60 psi / 25-95 for oil temp greater than 60 deg C
Minimum oil level for flight during ground start
Ground start min oil level for flight is 40% with the affected engine not started.