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percipitating situational event that is time-limited and disrupts individuals coping.
Goals of crisis intervention.
to reach people in an acute state of stress and to provide them with enough support to prevent them from becoming "cronics"
Application - Crisis Intervention
most presenting problems - depression, substance abuse, suicide atempt, and marital maladjustment
Suicide Hotlines
reduce suicide rates, young white females use most
Community Psychology
emphasis the prevention of disease...prevention over treatment
Community Psychology - Types of Prevention - Primariy, SEcondary, and Tertiary
Primary - Decrease incide of new cases. Make programs available to members that promote mental or physical health.
Secondary - decrease prevalance by reducing duration through early detection.
Tertiary - reduce the duration and consequence of mental /physical disorders. Rehabilitation programs as alternative to hospitalization and education programs designed to improve comunity attitudes.
Techniques of community psychology
Education to reduce incident, improve care. Using peers as educators helps.
Health Belief Model - Community Psychology
health behaviors influenced by personas readiness - perceived susceptibility, personas evaluation -costs, internal and external "cues of action"
The Health Locus of Control Model - Community Psychology
people beleive that they have ability to control their helath or it depends on luck/uncontrollable factors. Community model helps person take responsiblity.
Process by which human services professional assists consultee with work related problem with a client system - goal help both the consultee and client in specified way.
Advocacy vs. Oranizational Consultation
organizational - adopts a systems approach and defines group as consultee.
Advocacy - adopts disenfranchised group as client
Stages of Consultation
Entry - identifying consultee needs and contracting
Diagnosis - entails gathering info and fefining problem and setting goals.
Implementation - choosing an intervention, formulatiing plan and implementing plan.
Disengagement - final taasks - reducig involvemtn and follow up and termination
Formative Evaluation - Consultation
periodically conducted to assess the consultation process
Summative Evaluation - consultation
conducted to assess the consultation product
Mental Health Consultation - consultation
medical/psychiatric model and involves at least three individuals or entities consultant, consultee, and a client or program.
Client-Centered Case Consultation
Consultee-Centered Case Consultation
Program-Centered Administrative Consultation
Consultee-Centered Administrative Consultation
-Client-Centered - working with with consultee to develop a plan to work more effectivly with client.
-Consultee-Centered - enhance consultees perfomrance in delivering services to populations or group of clients.
-Program-Centered - working with one or more administrators to resolve problems related to existing program.
=Consultee-Centered - help administrative-level personnel improve their profesional functioning so can be more effective
Consultation vs. Supervision
supervision usually same profession as supervisee and is position of power
Parallel Process - Supervision
therapist presents anxious with supervisor because has client who is anxious