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willful killing (pre-meditated)
unlawful killing without malice or intent
non-negligent manslaughter
use of threats or force against victims will
forced rape
neglegent manslaughter
killing in heat of passion
unlawful sexual intercourse
use of force or fear to take property against will (either intent or removal)
breaking and entering with the intent of commiting a felony
taking of personal property with intent to deprive permanently
larceny theft
an assault or battery intended to cause serious injury or death and often includes the use of a deadly weapon
aggravated assault
list the 9 steps in the criminal justice process
arrest, arraignment, preliminary hearing, presentment to grand jury, arraignment on indicment, pre-trial hearings, trial, pre-sentence investigation. sentencing
who are not included in prison statistics?
juveniles, private prisons, jails
about __% of us will have commited a crime that could put us in jail by the time we die
who wrote about crimes without victims?
edwin schur
define crimes without victims
willing exchange among adults of strongly demanded yet illegal goods or services
list the "crimes without victims"
abortion, homosexuality, drug addiction, prostitution, gambling
list the individual/personal factors that contributed to the violence in orchard park
-problems after parents divorce
-need for respect
-lack of parental control
-no hope attitude
-"live for today only"
-want $ and independence
list the organizational factors that conrtibuted to the violence in orchard park
-loss of gym
list the small group factors that contributed to violence in orchard park
-gangs for protection
-lack of positive roll models
list the societal level factors that contribute to violence in orchard park
-availability of guns
-absense of possible jobs
in what two ways do corporations threaten the quality of our society and health?
providing consumers with unsafe products, waste of natural resources, and ecological contamination
what industry has been the most dangerous to deal with when it comes to creating faulty unsafe products and fighting the legislation against those faulty products?
the auto industry, doesnt care about safety, cares about profit
why was the meat inspection act of 1906 not fully successful in making the industry safer? until when was this a problem and how did the government try to fix it?
only meat being sold between states was subject to the law but meat sold in same state was not. 1967 wholesome meat act made states subject to federal laws, accomplished in 1971 but still were continuing violations
give some examples of dangerous additives in typical daily food consumption
red dye #2 cause cancer in mice
flour is bleached with poisons
considering that additives are such a minute percentage in food products, how might these additives become harmful to us humans?
aspartame has been linked to 90 different symptoms and causes vision problems
what are benefits for corporations when putting additives in their food products
taste, appearance, profit
who are tobacco ads mainly targeting and what is their main defense in keeping them legal
youth, they counter the statistics and lobby in washington.
if coal mines are so dangerous, how is it that they can continue to hire workers and make a profit
when government asks for dust samples they provide fake ones, pay off fines because its cheaper to pay fines than provide a safe environment
what are some issues that led to low public confidence in government?
inconsistencies in kennedy assassination, watergate scandal, nixon lies about bombing cambodia, presidents from eisenhower to nixon have lied about CIA
what are chemical crimes and why do they have a public impact
dumping waste products into air water and landfills and production of products that pollute unnecessarilly.

hooker chem co dumped 20,000 tons of toxic chem into love canal

deadly substance dioxin present in local schools, residences, worthless homes, health risks.
characteristics of elite deviance
power elite, political elite, corporate/economic/military
difference in social class between the members of the econmoica elite and political elite
political elite differs from the corporate or economic b/c it includes people in key fed gov positions, top command positions in military

both = upper class
what is a PAC and what role do they play in the funding of political campaign?
political action committees give $ to congressional candidates and expect votes on certain legislation

massive financial scandal
what are the three types if harms that are committed by elites described described in the article? what do each of these harms entail?
physical (death, illness), financial (robbery/fraud), moral (negative role model)

encourages deviance, alienation among non elites, distrust
why do crime data serve as an important function?
they are needed by official agencies to determine policies and budgets, and utilized by police officials to decide best use of their officers
what are the two major sources of criminal data?
uniform crime reports, national crime victimization survey
an agency authorized by congress to furnish an objective, independent, and competent source of crime data to the government
bureau of justice statistics
how often are UCR's reported
what are the eight index crimes?
violent crimes: murder & nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault

property crimes: burglary, larceny theft, arson, motor vehicle theft
what are CKP?
crimes known to the police, which are reported even if there is no arrest
define crime rate
number of reported crimes / number of people in country

result is expressed as a rate per 100,000 people
if a criminal act involves many crimes, only the ___is recorded
most serious crime