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The Classical Theory of Criminology is based mostly on the writings of whom?
Italian man
The Classical school was a product of what major movement?
The Enlightenment
Period of reform
The three main points of classicism are:
1. Human beings are rational and use free will and reasoning to choose their actions.

2. Human beings will choose those actions that give them the greatest amount of pleasure and will avoid those that bring pain. (Hedonism Principle)

3. Given man's rational nature and the Hedonism Principle, crime can be controlled by:
a. Making the punishment fit the crime. Proportional to the offense and not influence by who the offender is.
b. Making the punishment swift.
c. Making the punishment certain.
The Positivist Theory of Criminology has three scientific disciplines influencing it:
1. Biological Theories
2. Psychological Theories
3. Sociological Theories
The Biological and Psychological areas are known as:
Trait Theories
The most fundamentally influential work for the Positivist school of thought is:
Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species"