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What is the purpose of Criminal Law?
What is the purpose of Civil Law
What are the 4-reasons for punishment?
1.) Retribution - eye for an eye
2.) Rehab - make somone better
3.) Security - protect society
4.) Deterrance - stop someone from committing it
Which level of government passed the Criminal Code?
Federal government
What are the two catergories used in thr Criminal Code - in which crimes are categorized?
1.) Indictable offences - most serious

2.) Summary Conviction
What court are jury trials held?
What is an Accessory After the Fact?
help somone after you know that they have committed a crime
What is the mental elemement of Actus Reus?
It is the crowns duty to prove that your physical act was voluntary, instead it was involuntary which means taht no actus reus was present.
What is necessary in order for unlawful possession of marijuana?
1.) has to be unlawful possession
2.) you know you have it
3.) you know it is mary j