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What is Criminal Justice?
Agencies that deal with the management of crime.
What are six types of federal agencies?
What are the three parts of the CJ system in order?
Law Enforcement, Courts, Corrections.
Who is a the first famous bank robber?
Jesse James
What state had the first crime survey?
Cleveland, Ohio
What was the first federal survey called?
What happens when the economy is poor?
Crime rates become higher.
What is a Shantytown?
A little city people built outside large cities during the Great Depression. Also called Hoovervilles.
What is the significance of December 7th, 1941?
The Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor.
What is organized crime?
Crime organized for the purpose of making money.
What is the name of the first committee formed to fight organized crime?
the Kefauver Committee
What are the laws that made legalized segregation and who stopped them?
The Jim Crow Laws and Martin Luther King Jr.
During which war did people turn into "hippies"?
The Vietnam War
Who is the famous killer of the 60's? And who did he kill?
Charles Manson. No one.
Did persuade others to kill Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger
Which president enacted the OCCSS? and What is the OCCSS?
Lydon B. Johnson The Ominbus Crime Control and Safety Streets Act enacted to allow cops to tap phones without a warrant and get a confession without a lawyer present.
What is crime?
Intentional act or ommission in violation of criminal law committed without defense or justification and is a felony or misdemeanor.
What is natural law?
Principles that determine what is right or wrong according to a higher power.
What is Deviance?
Conduct which a group of people consider wrong or dangerous.
What is a person called who conceals a felony committed by another?
Misprision Felon
What are the two types of Mens Rea?
General Intent-when the outcome is not what is wanted.
Specific Intent-the outcome is what was intended to happen.
What are the five types of law?
Criminal, Civil, Statutory, Case, Common
What is defense?
Any number of cause and rights of action that serve to excuse or mitigate guilt in a criminal case.
What is the difference between the M'Naught rule and the Durham rule?
The M'Naught rule states if the defendent knew what they were doing at the time of the crime they are sane. The Durham rule states that an accused person is not criminally responsible for his/hers actions if he/she suffers from a disease or defective mental condition.
Define Entrapment
The inducement of an individual to committ a crime not comtemplated by him or her.
What is a crime that is punishable by death?
A felony
What is a misdemeanor?
A crime punishable by up to one year in prison and/or a 2,000 dollar fine.
What is the order of the hierarchy of laws?
Constitutional, Federal, State, Local
What is Assault?
an intentional attempt or threat to physically injure another.
How does Assault become Assault and Battery?
When assault is carried into effect by doing some violence to the victim.
What is the difference between 1st degree arson and 2nd degree arson?
1st- premises set afire must be occupied.
2nd- does not have to be occupied.
Define Robbery.
the felonous taking of another persons money or goods against his/her will through the use of threat, force, or violence.
Name the difference between felonous B&E and Misdemeanor B&E.
Felonous is the B&E of a building during the day with the intent to committ crime.
Misdemeanor-no intent for crime.
What is theft?
The unlawful taking, posession, or use of anothers property without the use or threat of force and with the intent to deprive permanently.
What is 1st degree burglary?
2nd degree?
1st- at night while occupied
2nd- at night unoccupied
What is shoplifting?
The taking or attempt to take of merchandise from a store or changing the price on an item.
What is the most serious sex offense?
First Degree Rape
What must happen for it to be First Degree Rape?
Displayed weapon, serious injury, aided by another, intercourse.
A Forcible Sexual Offense is what?
Any type of sexual offense besides penetration.
1st degree- injury, weapon
2nd degree- neither
What are the standards for First degree statutory rape?
Victim must be under 13, offender must be at least four years older, offender must be at least 12 years of age. It is a felony.
What is the sexual offense caleld where the defendant is at least 16 and the victim 5 or more years younger?
Indecent Liberties with a Child
What did the controlled substances act do?
Seperated drugs into five different schedule based upon the potential for abuse and addiction
What does the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) do?
Annual publication of official statistics put out by the FBI about crime rates and trends in the U.S.
What are the three problems with the UCR?
Only crimes known to the police.
Law enforcement agencies report in different manners.
Criminal statutes differe from state to state.
What is the alternative to the UCR?
The Victimization Survey, Goes into rep. households and does a crime survey.
Who can the first policing be traced back to?
Alfred the Great in England