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The right to privacy is one of the fundimental rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
Which of the following amendments to the U.S. Constitution has direct bearing on an officer's responsibility to advise a suspect of the right to remain silent.
Fifth Amendment
Which amendment guarentees to an individual the right to be advised by legal counsel when accused of a crime
Sixth Amendment
A parolee notified her parole officer of her move one week after she moved. Has the parolee complied with the conditions imposed by the state?
The components of the criminal justice system include the:
Corrections,judicial,and law enforcement.
A preliminaryhearing is held to determine whether or not:
There is enough evidence to hold a defendant for trial
The objectives of the judicial component of the criminal justice system include:
Providing due process of the law. Dispencing just punishment
Parole is a conditional release from confinement granted after a prioner has served time in a state prison.
The law is equally applied to all people regardless of race,creed,nationalorigin,wealth or status, or religios preference is:
A major goal of the criminal justice system is to:
Dispence equal justice
The conditions for adult probation commonly include:
A prohibition regarding the use of alcohol or other intoxicants.
Bail is?
A security deposit with the court to assure the defendant will appear in court on a later date.
The first formal encounter with the court in the judicial process for an individual arrested for a crime is the:
(ETHICS)The criminal justice system gives law enforcement two extraordinary powers:
1.The power to arrest
2.The power to use deadly force
The criminal justice system is made up of three components:
*Law enforcement