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What is a mutual pledge?
A system of internal policing that organized the community into tithings, hundreds, and shires.
What are tithings, hundreds, and shires?
Tithing-set of ten families
Hundred-ten sets of ten familes
Shire-equivalent of a county with the shire-reeve presiding
What replaced this system and when?
The night watch in the late 1200's.
What is a thief-taker?
A citizen who recieves a reward for the apprehension of a criminal.
The first modern police force can be traced to?
Henry Fielding in the mid 1700's.
What are Fieldings men called? And how many men were in the first official patrol?
Bow Street Runners
8 men 8 horses
How many men were a part of the first uniformed foot patrol?
52-wore red vests and blue jackets.
The able bodied men sheriffs used are called what?
What was the first federal agency?
Federal U.S. Marshalls
The first territorial police were?
The Texas Rangers
What city had the first organized police force?
What state does not have a police force?
How many states do not have the death penalty?
Which state has executed the most people up to date?