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Intermediate sanctions are also sometimes termed
Alternative sentencing strategies
Shelia Macco is sentenced to probation. The conditions of her probration include: maintain employment, possess no firearm, obey all laws, and meet with her probation officer biweekly. These _________ conditions apply to all probationeers in the jurisdiction where she was sentenced.
Which of the following statements about probation is true?

FACT: court ordered sanctioned, control criminal offenders
Discretionary parole is granted by
Parole boards
Which of the following is not a function of a probation or parole officer's work?
A.) Presentence investigations
B.) Intake procedures
C.) Needs assessment and diagnosis
D.) Client supervision
All of the following are advantages of using probation instead of imprisonment except:
A.) Lower cost
B.) Increased employment
C.) Restitution
D.) Community support
E.) Reduced risk of criminal socialization
F.) Increased use of community services
G.) Increased opportunity for rehabilitation
Which Supreme Court case provides procedural safeguards to parolees at revocation hearings?
Morrissey v. Brewer (1972)
Which model describing the duties of probation and parole officers sees clients as "wards" whom officers are expected to control?
Which type of sentence requires that offenders serve weekends in jail and receive probation supervision during the week?
Mixed sentence
Which of the following sentences is not an example of an intermediate sanction?
A.) Split sentencing
B.) Shock probation
C.) Shock incarceration
D.) Community service
E.) Intensive supervision
F.) Home confinement and remote location monitoring
Which intermediate sanction resembles a military-style boot camp?
Shock incarceration
____________ was the first state to have a shock incarceration program.
What type of probation includes at least five face-to-face contacts between officer and probationer each week? In addition, it requires that probationers have a mandatory curfew, have a job, and submit to weekly alcohol and drug testing.
Intensive supervision
Revocation of probation or parole
Must have revocation hearing; violations - failure to report, failure to participate in stipulated treatment program, alcohol or drug abuse while under supervision.
A sentencing alternative that requires to spend at least part of their time working for a community agency is known as
Community service
The Federal Probation System
Probation officers must evaluate the evidence in support of the facts; resolve certain disputes between the presecuter and the defense attorney; testify; attach an addendum; etc.
Which of the following is not cited as a disadvantage of probation and parole?
A.) Relative lack of punishment
B.) Increased social costs
Since 1980, the prison population has

Bonus: imprisonment of drug offenders accounts for more than 3/4 of the total growth in the number of federal inmates
___________ capacity is the number of inmates that a facility can effectively accommodate based on an appraisal of the institutions staff, programs, and services.
How much did the rate of imprisionment increase from 1991-2000?
__________ incapacitation is a strategy that would imprison almost all serious offenders.
The typical American prison is either
Medium or Minimum security
Jails that are built and run using the combined resources of local jurisdictions are called
Regional jails
Which of the following Supreme Court cases held that correctional officers employed by a private firm are not entiled to qualified immunity from suits from prisoners?
Richardson v. McKnight (1997)
What state became the first in modern times to reinstitute the use of the prison chain gang?
Which term refers to the size of the inmate population a facility can handle according to the judgment of experts?
Rated capacity
How many facilities are there in the federal prison system?
104 institions, 4 regional offices, 2 staff training, & 28 community corrections office
Medium- and low-security faciliites in the federal prison system are called
Federal correctional institutions
Which of the following is a Latin term meaning "after the fact"?
C.) Ex post facto
In what type of institution would imates most likely be wearing civilian clothing?
Which level of prison security has the fewest number of inmates?
Which level of prison security has chain-link fences topped with barbed wire?
Which of the following is not a dimension that can be used to measure prison crowding?
A.) Space available per inmate
B.) How long inmates are confined in cells or housing units
C.) Living arrangements
D.) Type of housing
In 2003 the United States had how many county jails?
Prison language is also called
Prison argot
Erving Goffman used what term to describe how small societies develop when cut off from the larger society?
Total institutions
The socialization of inmates into the prison subculture is called
In 2004, the Justice Department reported finding how many cases of AIDS?
The ___________ model of prison culture suggests that imated bring values, roles, and behavior patterns from the outside world.
John Irwin described the lifestyle of an imate who takes advantage of the positive experiences the prison has to offer as
The opportunist
Which of the following terms is prison slang for an informant?
Within a few years following the end of the hands-off doctrine,__________ intervened in the running of prisons in numerous states.
Federal courts
The ten years between 1970 and 1980 have been called _________ of prison riots.
D.) Explosive Decade
Which type of prisoners picture themselves as political prisoners?
"Rookie" correctional officers learn through socialization that
Ideals of professionalism rarely translate into reality
Approximately 33 percent of women in prison are there on what type of charge?
D.) Drug offenders
What scholar was responsible for describing the socialization of correctional officers?
Lucien X. Lombardo
Which of the following is not a cause of prison riots?
A.) Insensitive prison administrations and neglected inmates' demands.
B.) Lifestyles most inmates are familiar with on the streets.
C.) Dehumanizing prison conditions
D.) To Regulate inmate society and redistribution power balances among inmate groups.
E.) "Power vacuums" created by changes in prison adminstration, the transfer of influenetial inamtes, or court-ordered injunctions that significantly alter the informal social-control mechanisms of the institution.
In the film "The Executioners", what year was stated as the last public hanging in the US?
A(n)__________ is a formalized arrangement, usually involving a neutral hearing board, whereby inmates have the opportunity to register complaints about the conditions of their confinement?
Grievance procedure