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avoiding the criminal justice process
standard conditions
imposed on everyone under supervision jurisdiction
before imprisonment
segregate system
practiced in Pennsylvania where inmates were kept isolated
Release on Recognance
release granted without posting bond
mandatory release
at expiration of prison term, or when sentencing requires inmates be supervised in the community
"on paper"
probationers and parolees refer to their status; reference to agreements that set out the conditions of release
Johnson vs. Avery
required prison administration to provide legal assistance to inmates
halfway houses
house less than 30 inmates
least restrictive order
state must use the least intrusive practice
Holt vs. Sarver
"totality of circumstance", violated the 8th
Gagnon vs. Scarpelli
probationers and parolees receive the same protections
long term facility; more than one year
inmates allowed to leave for a specified period to perform an identified function
contracting with a private vendor throughout the entire operation of a prison or jail
emergency release programs
inmated released because of prison overcrowding
judicial reprieve
permission from judge to delay sentencing
compelling state interest
concern of the state so important that it overrides the protections of the constitution
benefit of clergy
clergy members would be held accountable in ecclestial courts rather than civil
congregate system
"auburn system"
inamtes kept in seperate cells but ate, worked and exercised in groups
special conditions
imposed on individuals that relate directly to their status and characteristics
ex parte hull
granted prisoners the right to legal access to courts
after imprisonment
protective custody
housing unit kept seperate from the general unit to seperate inmates from attackers
public works system
inmate labor used for public service projects
short term facility, operated at municipal level
home incarceration
house arrest; ordered to stay home except for approved abscences