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1st line
Babe; I feel bad. I feel real bad.
Why Lenny?
Because I-I wished it
You wished what?
I wished that old grandaddy would be put out of his pain. I wished on one of my birthday candles. I did. And now he's in a coma and they say he's feeling no pain.
Well, when did you have a cake yesterday? I don't remember you having any cake.
Well, I did'nt...have a cake. But I just blew out the candles anyway.
Oh. Well, those birthday wishes don't count unless you have a cake.
They don't?
No. A lot of times they don't even count when you do have a cake. It just depends.
Depends on what?
On how deep your wish is I suppose.
Still, I just wish I hadn't of wished it. Gosh I wonder when Meg's coming home.
Should be soon.
I just wish we wouldn't fight all the time. I don't like it when we do.
Me neither
I guess it hurts my feelings, a little, the way old grandaddy always put so much stock in Meg and her singing talent. I think I've been, well, envious of her 'cause I can't seem to do too much.
Why sure you can.
I can?
Sure. You just have to put your mind to it; that's all. It's like how I went out and bought that saxophone, just hoping I'd be able to attend music school and start up my own career. I just went out and did it. Just on hope. Of course now it looks like...well, it just doesn't look like things are gonna work out for me. But I know they will for you.
Well, they'll work out for you too.
I doubt it.
Listen, I heard up at the hospital that Zackery's already in fair condition. They say soon he'll probably be able to walk and everything.
Yeah and life sure can be miserable.
Well, I know 'cause- day before yesterday, Billy Boy was struck down by lightening.
He was?
Yeah he was struck dead.
...Oh i know you're mad at me cause I stayed out all night long. Well; I did.
No, we're-we're not mad at you. We're just... depressed
Well, it's just--It's...
It's about old Grandaddy--
You're too late-- Ha ha ha!
Oh, stop! Please! Ha ha ha!
It's not- It's not funny!
No, it's not! It's not a bit funny!
I know. I know. For some reason it just struck us as funny.
I'm sorry. It's-- It's not funny. It's sad. It's very sad. We've been up all night long.
They don't think so!
Oh, I don't know why we're laughing like this. We're just sick! We're just awful!
We are-- we're awful!
Oh, good; now I feel bad. Now I feel like crying. I do; I feel like crying.
Well, you've gotten me depressed!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It, ah happened last night. He had another stroke.
I see.
But he's stabalized now.
Things sure are gonna be different around here...when old grandaddy dies. Well not for you two really, but for me.
Yeah. It'll work out.
I hope so. I'm afraid of being here all by myself. All alone.
Well, anyway, you're your own woman. Invite some people over. Have some parties. Go out with strange men.
I don't know any strange men
Well you know that Charlie.
Not anymore.
Why not?
I told him we should never see each other again.
Well; if you told him, you can just untell him.
Oh no I couldn't. I'd feel like a fool.
Look, why don't you give him a call right now? See how things stand?
Oh, no! I'd be too scared--
But what harm could it possibly do? I mean, it's not gonna make things any worse than this never seeing him again, at all, forever.
I suppose that's true--
Of course it is; so call him up! Take a chance, will you? Just take some sort of chance!
You think I should?
You do, Lenny-- I think you do.
Really? Really, Really?
You should!
All right. I will! I will!
I'll call him right now, while i've got my confidence up!
Have you got the number?
Uh huh. But, ah I think I wanna call him upstairs. It'll be more private.
Ah, good idea.
I'm just gonna go on; and call him up; and see what happens- Wish me good luck!
Good luck Lenny!
Hello? Oh, thank you very much...Yes, I will. 'Byes, 'bye.
Who was it?
Wrong number. They wanted weed's body shop.
Oh. Well I'll be right back down in a minute.