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The CRF selection board meets at which of the following times?
March, July, & Nov each year
Motivational techniques include which of the following methods?
Hammer, carrot, internal
1.) Hammer- Short term, fear of retribution
2.) Carrot- Rewarding good behavior.
3.) Internal-True motivation is internal motivation. It must come from within the individual.
You have been assigned as zone supervisor and find one of your RINCs is very senior to you. Which of the following actions should you take?
Solicit the individual's input and expedite his/her training.
The Cr has told you and the other ZS's to make immediate improvements to prospect card documentation. How should you pass this concern on to your zone?
1.) Send a memo stating the CR's instructions
2.) Notify RINC's that the CR will probably be inspecting prospect card documentation during station visit
3.) Call all the RINC's and tell them the CR wants to see immediate improvement
4.) As you make station visits, let the RINC's know you want to see improvement if it is needed.
As a CRF member, your tasks actually can be narrowed down to what responsibilites?
Leader, Training, and Managing
Knowing your people consists of understanding which of the following characteristics?
Their strengths and weaknessess, their goals and aspirations, their ideals and convictions.
The zone members are constantly testing the ZS. They squabble between themselves and sometimes challenge the ZS's authority.
Storming - see how far we can go. Testing tyhe leader to determine limits of accepted behaivior. Rebellion/challenging, Squabbling.
What element minimizes interference in two way communication?
The "Training Program for Navy Recruiting Command Field Activities" include what elements?
Directed command training plan
training record maintenance instructions, and indoctrination training requirements
Required training topics should be delivered at which of the following times?
During the month listed or 1 month before or after the month listed only
Indoc should be completed within what time frame?
2 working days from date of reporting and 30 calendar days from date of report to the NRS
What is the RQS Tracking Report Number?
NAVCRUIT Form 1136/2
Given monthly to the CR
What are the basic componets of a learning objective?
Behavior, Condition, and Standard
The conclusion of a lesson plan should include what elements?
Summary, remotivation, and closure
In the guided discussion teaching method, the instructor should act as what?