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How to create new customer account?
Choose customer center -> customer list -> new

- p. 53
What is the limit for each name list
Once the limit is reached, the extra space cannot be reserved by deleting.
How to organize the customer names efficiently?
Consistant naming is the key to avoid from creating mutliple accounts for the same customer

Consistant with starting the capital letters, removing spaces and punctuations or not
What fields you need to fill in for each customer account?
1. Address information
2. Additional information
3. Payment information

- p.55
What is in the additional information for setting up new customer account?
Type - to catergoize the customer
Terms of payment - number of days for outstanding
Rep - who serve the customer
Preferred send method to customers -
Sales tax information -
Price level - in QB pro, it can only allow to increase or decrease the price by fixed rate and that will apply to all products
What is in the payment information for setting up new customer account?
Accouint no. - that is the unique customer ID number
Credit limit - allowed for customer
Preferred payment method -
Credit card information -