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Articles of Confederation
Set up by Continental Congress, 1777
Sent to the colonies for ratification
Flaws of the AOC
- no power to tax
- amendments required unanimous consent
- could not regulate trade
- many groups (women, blacks) wanted compensation
Since the gov. could not tax, it financed the war by printing money
After war problems
British denied them access to West Indies and provided cheap goods
-> gov could not impose tariffs
British troops would not leave
Shay's Rebellion
1787, 1500 farmers marched in Boston, demanding stuff
-> convinced many a stronger central gov was needed
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
-contained bill of rights
-prohibited slavery in Northwest territory
-set condition under which state could apply for statehood
Impact on Native Americans
War (US claimed their land)
Finally, US gained advantage over the Miami Confederacy
1787 Constitutional Convention
some wanted a new government, some wanted to edit the AOC
The New Jersey Plan
The Virginia Plan
James Madison- new gov based on Checks and balances
(the real thing looked more like this)
bicameral legislature
House - elected by people
Senate - elected by state govenors
3/5 compromise
slaves were 3/5 of a person
Anti-Federalists appalled by lack of Bill of Rights
promised it would be added
Federalist Papers
Madison, Hamilton, Jay
Constitution adopted in?

Bill of Rights?