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What does the Olfactory I nerve do?
What does the Optic II nerve do?
What does the Oculomotor III nerve do?
Eye lid and eye ball movement.
What does the Trochlear IV nerve do?
Innervates superior oblique
turns eye downward and laterally.
What does the Trigmenal V nerve do?
Chewing face and mouth touch pain.
What does the Abducens VI nerve do?
Turns eye laterally.
What does the Facial VII nerve do?
Controls most facial expressions
secretion of tears & saliva
What does the Vestibulocochlear VII nerve do?
Hearing, equillibrium sensation
What does the Glossopharyngeal IX Nerve do?
Taste sense the carotids blood pressure.
What does the Vagus X nerve do?
Senses Aortic blood pressure, slows heart rate, stimulate digestive organs taste.
What does the spinal accessrory XI nerve do?
Controls trapezius and Sternocleidomastiod, controls swallowing movements.
What does the Hypoglossal XII nerve do?
Controls toungue movements.
What are the Cranial nerves?
Olfactory I
Optic II
Oculomotor III
Trochlear IV
Trigeminal V
Abducens VI
Facial VII
vestibulocochlear VIII
Glossopharyngeal IX
Vagus X
Spinal Accessory XI Hypoglossal XII
What is the mnemonic device used to remember the Cranial nerves?
On Old Olympic Towering Tops A Fin And German Watch Some Hops.

(Letters of the nerves is caps.)