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Sense of Smell
Olfactory (I)
Sense of Sight
Optic (II)
Controls part of the eyeball muscles
Oculomotor (III)
Controls 1 eyeball muscle
Trochlear (IV)
Three branches supply cornea & conjuntiva, upper portion of face, ear, lower lip, teeth, & gums, & muscles for chewing.
Trigeminal (V)
Controls lateral eye movement
Abducens (VI)
Supplies facial muscles, middle ear, & taste
Facial (VII)
Sense of hearing & balance
Auditory (VIII)
AKA Vestibulocochlear
Taste, swallowing
Glossopharyngeal (IX)
Swallowing, hunger, speech muscles, breathing, heart rate, peristalsis, & control of glands in stomach & pancreas
Vagus (X)
Controls muscles of neck & upper back
Spinal Accessory (XI)
Controls tongue muscles
Hypoglossal (XII)