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subdural vs epidural vs subarachnoid vs intracranial hemorrhage causes
SDH: bridging vein tear
EDH: middle meningial artery rupture from trauma
SAH: aneurysm rupture
ICH: hypertension
EDH assd w/ what other hemorrhage type
SDH scan
findings on SDH scan: chronic vs acute
chronic: dark
acute: bright
hunt hess grading scale
I: neck stiffness, HA, N/V, no focal deficit
II: above + focal deficit
III: above + altered mental status
IV: above + stupor/ obtunded
V: decorticate/ decerebrate posture
fisher grading scale
I: no hemorrhage
II: <1mm vert thickness
III: >1mm vert thickness
IV: minimal SAH but intra parenchymal hmg and or intra vent hmg