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name 2 types of joints that could be used for joining edges of planks
*butt joints
*rub joints
name a type of joint used for quick right angle joints
dowel joint
which joint is used to make a shelf into an upright
housing joint
which joint makes strong frameworks
mortice and tenon joints
which tool is used to mark out the parallel sides of a mortice and tenon joint
mortise gauge
what are knock-down fittings?
only need glue/screw to fix them together
what are knockdown fittings used for?
mass-produced, flat-packed furniture eg kitchen cupboards
what is a lap joint for?
for corners of frames and boxes
what is the name of a housing joint where the joint does not go right across the wood?
stoppes housing joint
when is a cross-halving joint used?
where two crossing pieces need to be joined
how can waste wood be removed from a housing joint?
using a chisel and finished off with a hand router
name 4 bits which can be used to bore flat bottomed, blind holes
*saw tooth
name the tool which can be used to make pilot holes for small screws
what can be made to fit the head of the screw?
what is the purpose of the clearance hole?
makes room for the screw
what is the purpose of the pilot hole?
allows the screw to bite in
what is used to sink a pin under the surface?
nail punch
what it used to remove nails?
claw hammer
list 3 things that a good joint should be
*strong enough for the job
*accurately marked out and cut out
*made using the correct tools
which makes a joint permanent : wood screws/glue?
glue joint
how can joints be made stronger?
the addition of pins, dowels and features that help lock the two pieces together