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the first American constitution
Articles of Confederation
Study AP Gov/Pol Chp 2 cards
Study AP Gov/Pol Chp 2 cards
Why did Washington exercise his authority with care and restraint?
He knew that his actions would set precedents
Which man on Washington's cabinet favored a strong central government?
Which man on Washington's cabinet favored states' rights?
Who were the strict constitutionalists?
Jefferson and Madison
Who were the broad (loose) constitutionalists?
What was part of Hamilton's plan to decrease the national debt?
1) assume the states' debts
2) repay those debts with western land on the frontier
Why was Hamilton's plan so controversial?
It clearly favored Northern banks
Who supported the French in the French revolution?
Washington declared the US intention to remain "friendly and impartial towards belligerent powers"
Neutrality Proclamation
What was the political party under Jefferson?
farmers resisted an excise tax on whiskey that had been imposed by Hamilton's program
Whiskey Rebellion
Why is the Whiskey Rebellion significant?
Demonstrated strength and fairness of the new federal government
What were the reasons that Napoleon gave up on the New World?
-gearing up for war in Europe
-violent state revolt in Haiti
What was a major accomplishment of Jefferson?
the Louisiana Purchase
What did Jefferson do as soon as he sat in office?
-refused to recognize the "midnight appointments" and replaced them
-pardoned the convicted of the Alien and Sedition Acts
-repealed the Alien and Sedition Act
Why was the Election of 1800 referred to as "the bloodless revolution"?
It was America's first transfer of power but there was no violence
Who ran for election in 1800?
Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
argued that the states had the right to judge the constitutionality of federal laws
Virginia and Kentucky Resolves by Jefferson and Madison
allowed the government to forcibly expel foreigners and to jail newpaper editors for libel
Alien and Sedition Acts
What was a low point in Adam's presidency?
Alien and Sedition Acts
-France began seizing American ships on open seas
-When Adam sent diplomats, France wanted a huge bribe before negotiation
XYZ Affair
What was Adam's greatest achievement during Presidency?
Avoiding war with France
-negotiated use of Mississippi River
-duty-free access to world markets
-removal of Spanish forts on American soil
Treaty of San Lorenzo (Pinckney's Treaty)
-negotiated the evacuation of British from the NW territory
-also discussed violations of free trade
Jay's Treaty
Who were the two ambassadors that Washington sent? Where? What treaties did they sign? Which one was the most popular?
John Jay- England- Jay's Treaty
*Thomas Pinckney- Spain- Treaty of San Lorenzo (Pinckney's Treaty)
How did Jefferson resolve the issue of him not having the consitutional power to purchase Louisiana?
Claimed his presidential power to negotiate treaties with foreign nations
shut down America's import and export business with disastrous results
Embargo Act of 1807
reopened trade with most nations but still officially banned trade with Britain and France
Non-intercourt Act of 1809
bill that reopened trade with both France and England
Macon's Bill No. 2
What built up pro-war feelings within America?
The French went back on their words and the British were angry so they kept on attacking the ships.
saw war as an opportunity to grab new territories to the west and southwest
War Hawks
Who were the leaders of the War Hawks?
Henry Clay
John C. Calhoun
Native American who unified the area tribes in an effort to stop American expansion into Indiana and Illinois
brother of Tecumseh, led an extensive revival of traditional Native American culture and religion
What was the War of 1812 like?
Faired badly but most battles ended in a stalemate
What was the only battle won by the Americans in the War of 1812? Who led it?
Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson
convention held by Federalists to consider a massive overhaul of the Constitution or secession
Hartford Convention
What happened to the Federalist party after 1812?
They were branded as traitors because of the Hartford Convention
What was one clear positive result of the War of 1812?
Spurred American manufacturing
an interstate road that ran from Maryland to Ohio
National Road
What was the American System?
-protective tariffs on imports
-improvements to interstate roads
-rechartering of the National Bank
the period of unity after the demise of the Federalist party
Era of Good Feelings
this treaty helped acquire Florida from Spain
Adams-Onis Treaty
a policy of mutual noninterference
"Stay out of America and we stay out of Europe battles"
Monroe Doctrine
Was the Monroe Doctrine actually able to be backed up?
No. The British backed it up
What did the Missouri Compromise do?
- admitted Missouri as a slave state
- admitted Maine as a free state
-drew a line along the 36°30' parallel
-drew line below Missouri to say that was where slavery was allowed
What did the Missouri Compromise end up doing?
Split the Democratic-Republican party