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Who were the candidates of the Election of 1844?
James Polk and Henry Clay
Who said
"54°40' of Fight"? What does it mean?
James Polk. America's border should be extended deep into Canada
What did Polk's supporters want?
Immediate annexation of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California
signed with Great Britain, allowed US to acquire peacefully what is now Oregon, Washington, and parts of Idaho
Oregon Treaty
What happened when Mexico refused to sell land to Polk?
He provoked them into attacking American troops which resulted in the Mexican-American war
Why did northerners (namely abolitionists) oppose the Mexican-American war?
They believed that Slave Power had influenced this war and if those states were annexed, they would become slave states
right Southerners who allegedly were "pulling the strings"
Slave Power
a Congressional bill prohibiting the extension of slavery into any territory gained from Mexico
Wilmot Proviso
a regional, single-issue party devoted to the goals of the Wilmot Proviso
Free-Soil Party
How was the Mexican-American War?
Easy for the American troops
What was the Mexican Cession?
After the Mexican-American War, Mexico handed over Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, and Utah
What was the official name of the treaty that resulted in the Mexican Cession?
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
How did Congress escape the question of whether or not the Mexico Cession territory would be slave states?
Popular Sovereignty
the territories themselves would decide, by vote, whether to allow slavery within their borders
popular sovereignty
What happened to the Whigs?
Webster and Clay had died, so the Whigs split into two:
Antislavery Whigs (which joined the Free-Soil Party) and the Cotton Whigs
What started the talks of secession after the Treaty of Hidalgo Guadalupe?
California wanted to be a free state
What did Stephen Douglas do when the Compromise of 1850 didn't go through?
He split the compromise into individual bills and got a majority to vote on each
What were the provisions of the Compromise of 1850?
-California is a free state
-stronger fugitive slave law
-created Utah and Mexico but left it up to popular sovereignty
What made the Compromise of 1850 controversial?
Popular sovereignty was loosely defined
Free states would have to cooperate with fugitive slave laws
a sentimental novel that based her damning depictions of plantation life on information provided by her abolitionist friends
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Stowe
-left fate of slavery up to popular sovereignty
-repealed the Missouri Compromise
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
required a trial by jury for all alleged fugitives and guaranteed them the right to a lawyer
personal liberty laws
Northern Democrats, Free-Soilers, and some Whigs created:
were dedicated to keeping slavery out of territories, but also advocated American System and expansion
met privately and remained secretive about their political agenda, rallied around the hatred of foreigners (nativism)
What happened to the Know-Nothings?
They split because they were having inner fights about slavery
proslavery Missourians
Border Ruffians
as a result of demolishing the abolitionist city of Lawrence, Kansas this guy led a raid on a proslavery camp, murdering 5
John Brown
gangs from both sides in Kansas started fighting and attacking opposition; 200 died
Bleeding Kansas (Bloody Kansas)
What was the result of Preston Brooks pummeling Charles Sumner on the head?
destroyed President Pierce's political career
What made James Buchanan a good choice for election?
He had been out of the country for 4 years and could not be blamed for anything
What were the rulings of Dred Scott v. Sandford? Who ruled this?
-slaves were property and had no rights
-Congress can't decided what can or can't be a slave territory

Roger Taney
What were the Lincoln-Douglas debates for?
Illinois Senate Seat
Who said:

"This nation cannot exist permanently half slave and half free"
Abraham Lincoln
What was the Crittenden Compromise?
After Lincoln was elected some Southern people tried to stay in the Union
Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware
Border States
What did Jefferson Davis attempt to do as soon as they had seceded from the Union?
Try to make up in the industrialization the South had lost
What did Jefferson Davis' sudden try for industrialization cause?
What did conscription in the Confederacy cause?
Class conflict. Rich men could escape out of drafts
What happened to the North economy after the South seceded?
It started to gain more because of war-time needs
overcharging the government for services and products
war profiteering
Name the provisions of the Confiscations Acts
-gave government the power to seize slaves used for "insurrection purposes"
-liberate any slave that was owned by a rebel
-gave the Union the right to liberate all slaves
conceded that the war was necessary to preserve the Union
War Democrats
accused Lincoln of instigating a national social revolution and criticized him as trying to destroy the South
helped newly liberated blacks establish a place in postwar society
Freedman's Bureau