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4 areas in CRM
1) Workplace
2) Service
3) Sales
4) Reports
What's in the workplace?
Knowledge Base (and queues)
Difference in Sales module for Professional and Standard edition?
Professional module of sales edition also has:
1) Competitors
2) Products
3) Sales Literature
4) Quotes
5) Orders
6) Invoices
Differences in Service module between Professional and Standard edition?
Professional edition has also has:
1) Contracts
2) Products
CRM Reports and all users?
All users have access, but view may be dependant on users priviliges.
How do you change the layout of the default homepage in CRM?
Do it in Personal Options in the Tools menu.
Name the various navigation elements?
Menu Bar
Navigation Bar
Go to menu
Quick Launch
List View
What is the A-Z list called?
Index Alphabet bar.
Actions view?
Indicates the available actions
Record level?
This is what it's called when you're looking at the details of an individual record.
Has quick actions buttons
How do you sort in CRM?
use the View menu
Use the CRM Index Alphabet bar
Click the column heading
What view lets you look at records in a grid like format?
List view.
4 methods to create new records?
1) Choose NEW from menu bar
2) Choosing ADD RELATED from the ACTION menu
3) Using the QUICK CREATE function
4) Clicking the NEW icon in the ACTION BAR
What's Add Related for?
It lets you add a new entity and have it automatically related to the record that you're currently working with.
When you create a new record, what would determine the amount of information already prefilled?
The way you chose to instantiate the new record creation event.
What is the significance of RED and BOLD?
RED and BOLD indicates business required.
What is the significance of BUSINESS REQUIRED filed?
They are MANDATORY for completion. The record will not be saved unless these fields are completed.
What is the significance of fields marked in BLUE?
What is the purpose of a lookup?
Allows user to choose an existing record.
When in the LOOKUP WINDOW, how do you create a new record? Is this universal?
Click the NEW button in this window; this opens the quick create window. It is not a universal method. Some lookups such as PRODUCTS do not allow on fly creation of new records.
When in a LOOKUP WINDOW, how do you look at all of a records info?
Click the record, then click the PROPERTIES button. You will then see a READ ONLY view!!!
What are the field types in most forms?
1) Text
2) Numeric
3) Pick List
4) Lookup
What's the significance of a greyed out field?
Greyed out fields are system generated.
What does using quick create do?
It opens a window with BUSINESS REQUIRED and BUSINESS RECOMMENDED fields available.
How do you add more than just the minimum of information when using QUICK CREATE?
You click SAVE and OPEN instead of just SAVE.
What is the DEFAULT SIDE TAB always available when creating a new record?
What are 4 common tasks when working with records?
1) Exporting to MS Excel
2) Assigning Records
3) Sharing Records
4) Printing Records
How do you export to excel?
Use the Excel icon located above the LIST VIEW in the sales and service modules.
Select the record that you want to export
How do you select multiple records?
Hold down the shift key while you select more than one record.
When you create a record, who is it assigned to?
It is automatically assigned to YOU!
What's the advantage of sharing at the application level?
You may share multiple records at a time. At the record level you can only share the record that is currently open.
What does CASCADING SHARE mean?
This is the sharing principle that CRM uses. It means that when sharing a record, any records that are related (quotes, orders, etc) will be shared to the user or team.
Characteristics of sharing?
1) Cascading share
2) Doesn't change ownership
3) Allow others access to record
4) Access granted by owner varies depending on privileges that the owner is comfortable extending
Where can you print CRM records from?
From the application level or from any tab at the record level.
Application Level - PRINT icon in the ACTION BAR
Record Level - Print at any tab at the record level
Stock calendar and items vs company.
Stock calendar is company wide, however each item can have it's own calendar for reporting purposes.