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Active Cell
The cell that is currently selected and open for editing
The manner in which a cell's contents are arranged within that cell (left,center,right)
specific data a function requires to calculate a value
the ability to extend a series of values based on the contents of a single cell
a microsoft excell tool that you can use to create filters
predefined formats that can be applied to a worksheet
the box at the intersection of a row and column
cell range
a group of cells
cell reference
the letter and number combination that identifies the row and column intersection of a cell
visual summaries of worksheet data, also called graphs
cells that are on the same verticle line
conditional formats
formats that are applied only when cell contents meet certain criteria
data list
one or more columns of data depicting multiple instance of a single thing
to save a file as part of another file, as opposed to linking one file to another
error code
a brief message that appears in a worksheet cell, describing a problem with a formula or a function
a column in a data list
fill handle
the square at the lower right corner of a cell you drag to indicate other cells that should hold values in the series
fill series
the ability to extend a series of values based on the contents of 2 cells, where the 1st cell has the starting values for the series and the 2nd shows the increment
a rule that excel uses to determine which worksheet rows to display
predefined sets of characteristics that can be applied to cell contents
an expression used to calculate a value
to assign cells that will remain at the tip of a worksheet regardless of how far down the worksheet a user scrolls
a predefined formula whose mathematical or logical operators have been incorporated into a function name
goal seek
an analysis too that finds the value for a selected cell that would produce a given result from a calculation
visual summaries of worksheet data, also called charts
a reference to a file on the internet
formula that has a cell show the value from another cell
locked cells
cells that cannot be modified if their worksheet is protected
merge and center
an operation, initiated by clicking the button, that combines a group of cells into 1 cell. and vice versa
named range
a group of related cells defined by a single name
paste options
a button, which appears after you paste an tiem from the clipboard, that lets you control how the item appears in the workbook
a statement that locates records in a database
a group of related cells
to update the contents of 1 document when the contents of another document are changed
relative reference
a cell reference in a formula that refers to a cell that is a specific distance away from the cell that contains the formula.
cells that are on the same horizontal line in a worksheet
sheet tab
the indicator for selecting a worksheet, located in the lower left corner of the workbook window
to reorder the contents of a worksheet based on a criterion
split bar
a line that defines which cells have been frozen at the top of a worksheet
partial totatls for related data in a worksheet
data lists in a database
marks used to indicate display properties or to communicate data about the contents of a document
a workbook used as a pattern for creating other workbooks
validation rule
a test that data must pass to be entered into a cell without generating a warning message
what-if analysis
analysis of the contents of a worksheet to determine the impact that specific changes have on your calculations
the basic excel document consisting of one or more worksheets
a page in an excel workbook