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Because a CPU needs a lot of heat, it usually needs a _______ and a _______
cooling fan, heat sink
A heat sink is made of _______ or ________ usually
copper or alluminum
A heat sink is made of copper or ________ usually
A heat sink is made of _______ or alluminum usually
True or False:
Usually you can't remove the cooling fan, but sometimes you can
False, sometimes you can't but usually you can
CPU's today almost always come in a _________ (rather than an SEC, etc)
PGA, Pin Grid Array
What does PGA stand for?
Pin Grid Array
The first 8088 Intel CPU had a clock speed of _____
4.77 mhz
Older CPU's can come in the SEC. What does the SEC stand for?
Single Edge Cartridge
true or false: A Slot 1 and a Slot A are mechanically different
When you intstall a PGA CPU, make sure you don't touch the _______
Broken _______ on a PGA CPU will ruin it
To fix a bent pin CPU for a ZIF socket, use a ______ mechanical pencil w/o lead.(Be careful!)
When installing a CPU into a ZIF socket, you should first lift the ______________
ZIF arm
Make sure the ________________ line up on the CPU and ZIF socket when installing it.
orientation notches
true or false: When installing a CPU into a ZIF socket, make sure the CPU is all the way in(no visible pins) then snap the ZIF arm
orientation markers are also called___________
index corners
true or false: orientation markers are designed to help you align the CPU correctly
true or false: incorrectly installing the CPU will never destroy the CPU or motherboard
false, it often destroys both
index corners are also called_________
orientation markers
When installing a Slot 1 or Slot A, first install the _____________
CPU mount
always add a small amount of __________ before you mount the fan
heat compound
heat compound is also called _________ or __________
thermal paste or heat dope
Any ______________ stores heat sink compound
electronic store
The P-II heatsink is installed on the ________ side of the package
Arctic Silver is an important brand of
thermal compound
True or false: Special notches make it impossible to install the SEC incorrectly
True or False: With an SEC, if it does not go in easily it is probably correct.
After installing a SEC CPU, be sure to install the fan's ________
thermal paste is usually what color:
True or false: YOu should install a PGA before you install the fan.
Before installing the fan on a PGA CPU, you must add a small amount of__________
heat sink compound
true or false: In most cases, when installing a fan on PGA CPU you do not need to apply a fairly strong amount of force to snap the fan into place
true or false: You should make sure your fan can work with your PGA cpu package
True or false: Some Socket 370 fans will crack the ceramic casing on a Socket A Duron
To install a fan for a PGA CPU, look for a power connection on the __________
true or false: Most motherboards clearly mark the connector for a power connection from a PGA CPU.
True or false: the word size is never called the internal data path.
This is the largest number of bits the CPU can process in one operation.
Word Size
Is the Pentium a true multi processor?
How many ALU's does a Pentium have?
What is the external path size of a Pentium?
64 bit
How many 32 bit internal paths does a Pentium have?
How many bits were the two Pentium internal paths?
32 bit
What range of processor speed did the Classic Pentium have?
60 to 200 MHz
Did the classic pentium have L2 Cache?
What was the system bus speed of the Classic Pentium?
66 MHz
ETC is a type of L______ 1 ________
Level 1 Cache
This Level 1 cache used in the PR stores lists of operations that have been decoded and are waiting to be executed.
Execution Trace Cache
This Intel processer uses Socket 423 and Socket 478 and LGA 775
Pentium IV
This type of Intel proceser debuted with a 400 Mhz system bus, using four data transfers per cycle.
Pentium IV
The LGA775 is different from PGA sockets because...
the pins are on the motherboard and not the processor
___________ is an eighth-generation x86 architecture microprocessor produced by Intel, meant to replace Netburst.(Answer is not Itanium)
Core 2
True or false: The Pentium D is a single core processor
____________is Intel's trademark for their implementation of the simultaneous multithreading technology on the Pentium 4 microarchitecture
Hyper Threading Technology
When was the first Pentium 4 released?
When the Pentium IV was first introduced, what PGA package did it use?
423 pin PGA package