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Nat: All right suh! Mr. and Mrs. Harrison is here! It is fight time!
Alma: Yes suh, time to sit down and listen to Joe beat up on some old German. We is here darlin'!
Nat: Hey fool, what you doin' down on your knees? You ain't got to pray. This one's auto-matic!
Alma: Don't be puttin' no jinx on Joe now. You know that man beat Joe last time.
Nat: That was last time sugar. Ain't no German in the world gonna beat Joe Louis twice. No siree! Else, i'm still a snotty-nosed, nappy-headed pickaninny from Arkansas.
Alma:Well maybe you ain't in Arkansas but you all the rest of them things you just mentioned.
Corina: Why don't you all sit down and dig into the table.
Alma: Curtis you ain't havin' no trouble with the radio, is you?
Nat:...if that's the reason you down there, me and the missus'll back right on up!
Alma: In a hurry!
Curtis: Man, will the two of you sit down. I garuntee, when it's ten o'clock, it'll be on.
Alma: Curtis you sure man 'cause this ain't just another fight--
Curtis: Look, i don't intend on missin' no fight neither. And i'm gonna listen to it in this room and on this radio. So set on down and be comfortable and don't let corina upset you all.
Alma: Yeah, fix me a drink for my nerves. My nerves is nervous these days.
Corina: What's your problem?
Alma: You been on the picket line ain't you?
Corina: Yeah, i was out there this mornin'
Alma: Well it's a disgrace. Havin' to picket somebody's employment office just to get a minimum wage for bein' a domestic. All we doin' is tryin' to get what the white ladies is gettin'. And we work just as hard- harder for the matter. I know i got me the scruffiest knees in Kansas city.
Corina: After me you do. Yeah, just askin' the minimum. Ain't askin' for that white lady's bank account.
Alma: Shoot! You know that's under lock and key. Tight as fort knox! Yeah, you were one of them immigrants runnin' roun this town, you'd get the minimum, at least.
Corina: Indeed you would. And half of 'em's dark as me. Only difference,they talks funny and waves their hands a lot.
Alma: Shoot, that's the difference huh? All they got to do is ask me. I'll talk as funny as they wants.
Nat: Man, i am sorry, but it is after ten o' clock!
Alma:After what? Nat, why didn't you tell somebody?
Corina: Curtis, you lost your mind. Get that thing on!
Alma: Lord, they's probably fightin' now. If that old Smellin' is beatin' on Joe, i ain't never gonna be able to show my face at that white lady's tomorrow! Turn it on Curtis!
Curtis: I'll do it! it's my radio!
Alma:It's on yet?
Corina: It already had time.
Alma: Lord don't make me miss the fight.
Corina: Smellin', you whippin' on Joe, and i'm gonna kill tomorrow.
Alma: Nathaniel, we gots to go baby.
Nat: You all oughta be 'shamed of yourselves, invitin' somebody over and the damn thing don't work.
Alma: Ours ain't never failed when Joe's fightin'- Never!
Mccarthy: ...going down!...He's going down!
Alma: Who? Who's going down? Not Joe. Not Joe!
Corina: Thank you Jesus, for hearin' my feeble prayers!
Alma: Couldn't stand the Brown Bomber, couldn't stand 'im!
Corina: That's all right, darlin'. All them mean things them folks was sayin' bout you. I knew you'd come through.
Alma: A'int she somethin? And she blasphemin' it long with the rest of us. Oh me! I'm weak, children. Didn't hear but the end of it but i'm still weak! My nerves done got the best of me.
Curtis: I'll go for that myself.
Alma: Listen to them you all, Kansas city is jumpin'!
Corina: Ain't nobody asked Joe Louis to change tomorrow. Now don't mess up the evenin' with no philosophizin'
Alma: Amen sister Corina.
Corina: Joe Louis done made me wantta dance. Come on over here Curtis, and help me with my feelings man! 'Cause, when i hit that white lady's back step in the mornin', i'm gonna need my feelings!
Alma: You and me both! Come on Nat!