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How many days are you allowed for pt's Inspect, Copy, Tx Summary or Extensive Record Summary?
Inspect/in office 5 working days
Copy 15 days
Tx Summary 10 working days
Extensive Summary 30 days
Informed consent for assessments except when...
1. testing is mandated by law or gov regulation 2. consent is implied as part of routine ed org (apply for job) 3. to evaluate decisional capacity
If there is a questionable capacity to consent...
you must inform pt of nature and purpose of assessment in simple speak
Psych Assistants.
Who can have how many at a time?
Clinics/corp 10
Psychologists 3
Psychiatrists 1
Max amount of time you can detain grave disability pt agains thier will?
3 days
14 days
30 days = 47 days must apply for a temp conservatorship
Max amount of time you can detain a s.i. pt against their will?
5150 3 days
5250 14 days
5260 14 days = 31 days
How long do you keep kids' records?
What about retirement?
7 years after last pt. visit/contact
Retirement has no effect
Withholding records (therapy or assessment) for nonpayment?
No difference between assessment or therapy records. HARM is the guideline. Will they be harmed if you don't release the records?
Who can discolse pt's HIV + status under what conditiosn?
Psychologists: NEVER, never a Tarasoff
Physicians: May disclose HIV+ to partner only after Dr tried to secure the pt's consent.
CE credits
3 units, quarter long academic course University
10 CE credits
3 unit semester long academic course at University
15 CE credits
When can a PHD from a foriegn country work in your practice?
If he/she is approved as a psych assistant by BOP
List 4 Specific Phobia types
natural enviornment
situational and other (avoid loud noises)
MSE - major psych function at time
Domains: orientation, appearance/behavior, mood/affect, attention concentration, memory, intellect funct, insight/judgement, thought content (delusions), process (logical)
What do you consider when using an outside agency for test interpretation?
1. agency must meet profressional standards for test interpretation 2. you are ultimately responsible for what you include in your assessment