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Marriage problems
behavioral marital therapy WE
emotionally focused couples threapy PE
Insight-oriented therapy PE
Personality Disorders
Dialectical behavior therapy for Borderline PE
Short-term skills focused therapy
Adjustment D/O
medication, might be something more serious, short term therapy and crisis intervention,
Sex Offenders
behavior modification PE
Sleep Disorders
Medication, restructure thoughts about worries about sleep trouble, relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene (use bed for sex or sleep, not work)
Impulse control disorders
self-monitoring of impulsive behavior, id triggers (internal and external), relapse prevention, medications (anticonvulsants help intermittent explosive disorder) groups, get a lawyer!
cognitive therapy for geriatric pts PE
Relapse prevention, medication, relaxation training, skills (assertiveness) Reminiscence therapy for older adults PE
Bipolar I
Behavioral interventions for impulse control, role reversal, behavioral rehersal, Medications, hospitalization (crisis) day tx,
Generalized Anxiety DO
Adults Cog behavioral therapy WE, time management, problem solving, relaxation training, worry exposure/behavior prevention. Kids: family anxiety management training, cog behavioral therapy PE