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How long should it take to deliver on rescue breath?
1 second
When alone, it is ok to stop CPR only?
If you are exhausted to continue.
What increase the risk of choking in an adult?
Drinking alcohol w/meals.
What is occuring Ventricular Fib?
The ventricles of the heart are quivering rathar than pumping.
To open the airway of an unresponsive victim without suspected spinal injury?
Tilt head back-lift chin.
What should you not do before using an AED?
Wipe the vicim's chest w/an alohol pad.
To give abdominal thrusts to a responsive choking adult, what hand position is used?
Both hands together above the navel.
Whild the AED is giving the victim shock, you should?
do not touch the victim and stand back.
What is important when giving choking care to a responsive infant?
Alternate series of back slaps and chest thrusts.
An AED may be used w/ a child 1-8 yrs old if?
you use a special pediatric unit or pads.
An effective way to avoid becoming infectd when caring for a victim is to?
use barriers (ppe) to prevent contact w/any blood or body fluid.
What is the correct position for the rescuer's elbows when giving CPR to an adult?
straight and locked.
The signs and symptoms for heart attack include?
chest pain, sweating and shortness of breath.
Which statement is true about the ratio of compressions and breaths when adult CPR is done by 2 rescuers?
30 compressions and 2 breaths is used for adults.
The correct hand position for chest compressions in adults is?
on the lower half of the breastbone midway between the nipples.