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What levels of management contains chief petty officers?
What types of planning are chiefs normally?
What types of lanning involves activities that will occur in 2 to 5 years?
What plans gives broad general statements of expected behavior?
What plans are detailed standing plans?
What type of organizational document should you use to help avoid crisis management?
The command organizational objectives
What statememt defines rules and regulations?
They are standing plans; they state what you may or may not do in a given situation; commands use them to ensure personnel comply with command policy
What type of contorl is expressed in numerical terms, usually by category and over a period of time?
Single-use plans are developed from what plans?
What statement defines management by objectives (MBO)?
Supervisors and subordinates set overall goals for the organization together
True/False The purpose of MBO is to set clearly defined goals everyone can understand.
What principle is MBO based on?
People are more willing to work toward a goal they are committed to; and people will do everything possible to meet the goals they set
You will find the work requirements for your division in which documents?
Strategic plans; Single-use plans; rules and regulations
What is the first step in setting goals for work requirements?
Recognize the real situation in your division
What statement defines the goal setting criteria of being behavior specific?
Specifies the necessary action to take
The goal setting criteria of being measurable is defined by what statement?
The goal specifies criteria or check points for accomplishing the goal
What statement defines realistic but challenging goal setting criteria?
Tests your ability, but has at least a 50 percent chance of being attained
What statement defines time-phased goal setting criteria?
Provides a time schedule or deadline for reaching the goal
If a task does not fit into the priority of urgent, important, or important/urgent, when should you do the task?
Whenever you find time
Why should you use strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis?
To determine where the division needs improvement; to determine opportunities available to the division; to determine if there are any obstacles the division must overcome
What would an availabel school quota be classified as during a SWOT analysis?
You must assign a person to a billet that requires completion of a personnel qualification standard. When, if ever, is the person considered qualified to fill the billet?
When the service recod entry documenting completion of the personnel qualification standard is made
Trying to anticipate problems and making corrections before problems occur requires what types of control?
What types of control involves making corrections after an event happens?
What types of control involves making changes as an event occurs?
An inspection of the raw input for defect is what type of quality control?
What types of quality control is based on doing th ejob right the first time?
Zero defects
** What types of contro lis measurable?
Plan of action and milestones; critical path method; and gantt chart
What types of control was developed by the Navy while constructing the Polaris missile?
When constructing a PERT network, what is the fourth step?
find the critical path
** What statement indentifies the basic difference between PERT and CPM?
- CPM requires only one time estimate
- CPM includes a cost estimate as well as time estimates
- CPM assumes you have some experience in performing each component task
** True/False As an element of effective control, your subordinates expect you to control thier work by comparing it to a set standard.
When you evaluate yoru control system to eliminate unnecessary costs, you are using what elements of effective control?
** A major department responsible for accomplishing the mission of the command belongs to what types of organization?
Line; staff, and functional
A functional organization is defined by?
Has authority over all parts of the command in ensuring its special function is met
The division of work is explained by what organizational concepts?
The order of control within an organization is defined by what term?
Unity of command
How many people can one person effectively supervise?
The order of authority within an organization is explained by what concepts?
Chain of command
** True/False Delegating your authority is an outstanding way to trian subordinates for positions of greater authority.
** Which statement concerning authority is correct?
Most authority in the Navy is delegated; subordinates usually accept authority readily; subordinates must recognize you have authority over them before your authority exist
When you tell a junior enliste dperson in another division or work center to get a haircut, you are exercising which, if any, type of authority?
The use of threats or negative rewards is the use of what type of power?
When you influence others throught eh use of your specialized knowledge, you are exercising what type of power?
What type of power do you have simply becaue people identiy with you being a chief?
What statement defines leadership?
it is the motivating force that leads to coordinated action and unity of effort; leaders must encourage, inspire, teach stimulate, and motivate all individula of the organization; you should never let a subordinate be criticized or penalized by anyone but yourself
A leader who belives people must be coerced, controlled, directed, or threatened is using what leadership theory?
Immediate compliance to orders, tight job control, and numerous detailed reports on jobs are characteristics of what leadership style?
Define the Authoritarian style of leadership?
Clear direction is given with no doubt about who makes the final decisions
Leaders who woul drather do the job themselves, set high standards, expect self-direction, and have trouble delegating authority, exercise what leadership style?
** A democratic leadership style would be particularly harmful in a drill or battle condition why?
it requires time for meeting; and the leader lacks control of the group
What leadership style is well suited to a counselor but would have a negative effect on a work center operating on a tight schedule?
When you prepare your work center for inspeciton by incorporating preparation for inspection into the daily routine, you are demonstrating what management skills?
Concern for efficiency
You wold exhibit the leadership skill commitment to the command's mission by taking what action?
Acting with the best interest of the command in mind
What statement describes the action you hsould take in developing others?
provide constructive feedback to subordinates
What personal characteristics is defined as confronting issues directly and insisting others recognize your place in the chain of command?
What personal characteristics is defined as being a self-starter, seeing problems, and takinga ction to correct eh problems without being told?
What is a benefit of Total Quality Management?
Increased pride of workmanship among individual workers; improves sustainability caused by extended time between equipment failures; adn streamlined maintenance and production processes